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Primary Care Network: Allergy Centre Stockholm

The Allergy Centre Stockholm gives support to primary care centres in the Stockholm area regarding the care of patients with asthma and allergies. The aim is to improve the care of those patients, as well as to support the primary care centres in their work with the follow-up of the quality of their care, and to encourage collaboration between primary and specialist care. As of the summer of 2018, the activities of the Allergy Centre Stockholm will be run as part of the Academic Primary Care Centre (APC).

About the Allergy Centre Stockholm

The main activity is the organisation of meetings according to an alternating schedule, on site at the participating primary care centres. Usually, a specific topic has been agreed on beforehand and a suitable allergy specialist has been invited to present on this subject. Ample time is allowed for discussions of specific patient cases and for asking questions. The topics vary between food allergy, asthma medication, spirometry, rhinitis, severe asthma, pollen allergy, etc.

The network has been divided up into three geographical areas and has recently expanded into the northern parts of the greater Stockholm area, now covering large parts of Stockholm involving more than 50 primary care centres.

Improving the care of patients with asthma and allergy

A main activity of the Allergy Centre Stockholm is to continuously work for better care of asthma and allergy patients on the basis of scientific evidence. This is carried out through contacts and discussions with local and national politicians, collaboration with patient organisations in particular the Asthma and Allergy Association, as well as contributing to the new national guidelines for the care of asthma and COPD patients recently published by the National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen). A debate article was recently published in Dagens Nyheter by the Asthma and Allergy Association in collaboration with CfA researchers, pinpointing which parts of the care of Swedish allergy patients need to be improved, and emphasizing the need for a national strategy for the care of allergy and asthma patients, like national programmes in Norway and Finland. Link to the debate article in DN on 3rd July 2015.

Specialised asthma/COPD clinics at primary care centres in Stockholm

A success was recently obtained through the decision by the Stockholm county council to allow the implementation of specialised asthma/COPD clinics at primary care centres. Each primary care centre that has sufficient competence will be entitled to apply for accreditation to run such an asthma/COPD clinic. CfA-affiliated clinicians have actively contributed to this improvement, which will give asthma and COPD patients better access to primary care with specialised nurses and defined competence of asthma and COPD care.

The IntegrIT project

CfA coordinates the Vinnova-supported project IntegrIT. Experts from different areas work together to develop a more effective system for the collection and analysis of data to clinical studies.

Read more about the IntegrIT project here

The National Airway Registry

CfA contributes to the national airway registry, which is a merger between the national asthma and COPD registries. The registry helps to improve the care of asthma and COPD patients through visualising and following up how patients are diagnosed and treated. It also provides the possibility to quantify the burden of asthma and COPD within the health care system.


If you work at a primary care centre in Stockholm and like to know more about the Allergy Centre Stockholm, you are welcome to contact Prof. Gunilla Hedlin at

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