News for KERIC

What will happen at KERIC in the upcoming year?
2022 seams to be a very interesting year, not at least for KERIC. We are since long due planed to move into Bioclinicum (Q4) and will get our new 9.4T MRI. Also we are working on facilitating the three PET systems from SAMI so that we can offer a more complete and competitive preclinical imaging platform for small animals. There will alos be a new Angio-CT for our large animal imaging and we are planing for more...

New MRI system

A new 9.4T MRI system from Buker, that also include a cryo-coil (mouse brain).

It will be installed to the end of the year (2022 November).



KERIC is in the transition to take over the operations of three PET systems from Mediso. Two PET-CT and one PET-MR.


New Angio-CT


Move to Bioclinicum

Move to Bioclinium plan 4 is planed to be made under Q4 this year (2022). We will plan this move well so that it will be minimal impact on any project we run at KERIC under the transition period. The "key" will be handed over to us December 15 2022.




Anki Sandberg Nordqvist

Operations Manager