KI Biobank - Mayo Clinic Biobank collaboration

In the same way KI Biobank provides researchers with opportunities for collaboration, so does the Mayo Clinic. When starting a new or continuing and existing KI-Mayo Clinic collaboration this can be facilitated by the respective biobank organisations. Both biobanks provide a wide variety of services, some is listed below, and more information can be found on the biobank web pages.

Current resources
In many cases existing samples, and connected data, can be used – to find out more about these possibilities, check out the biobank web pages.

Mayo Clinic Biobank
KI Biobank

The biobanks will provide information and support on necessary processes and the approvals and agreements that go with them. There is a joint Material/Data Transfer Agreement in place for KI-Mayo collaborations that should be used together with the research plan.

Also, some costs are associated with KI Biobank or Mayo Clinic Biobank projects.

New collection
The biobanks can also provide support and advice if new samples and/or data should be collected, e.g. guidance on informed consent and ethical approvals, and can also provide example texts to be used.

Biobank-biobank collaboration
The two biobank core facilities are also collaborating on exchange of knowledge regarding biobank systems and infrastructure.


Contact information

KI Biobank


Phone: 0046-8-524 82301

Mark Divers, Head of KI Biobank


Mayo Clinic Biobank


Phone: 001-507-284-9833

Janet Olson, Project Director


More information about KI and Mayo Clinic collaboration