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Karolinska Institutet SFO StratRegen Conference

“Stem cells, regeneration biology and regenerative medicine”
Yasuragi, Stockholm, 18-19 October 2018.

Conference at Yasuragi Stockholm 2018

Conference at Yasuragi Stockholm 2018

Conference at Yasuragi Stockholm 2018

Conference at Yasuragi Stockholm 2018

Conference at Yasuragi Stockholm 2018

Registration to the StratRegen conference is closed

The purpose of this meeting is to gather expertise on stem cells regeneration biology and regenerative medicine from the Karolinska Institute to showcase the most recent findings, and to discuss scientific as well as technological advances. The 1.5 day program includes keynote lectures but will be mainly focused on shorter presentations from students, postdocs and young PIs. Ample time will be allocated for poster sessions and interactions.
StratRegen Conference Program
Poster StratRegen Conference


Abstracts constitute a very important part of the conference and are obligatory. Registration priority will be given to those who submit an abstract (or are co-author of an abstract). Before registering for the conference, we recommend you to submit your abstract.

Abstract submission is closed

Instructions for abstract submission

Title: Please use sentence case in the entire title. Spell out words, do not use abbreviations. The title or text is not to indicate the country of origin, unless it is pertinent to the topic.

Authors: Name and surname for each author must be provided. Do not include degrees or titles. Presenting author´s name will be published in bold.

Text: The abstract must be written in English and should be a maximum of 250 words, excluding the title (and optional figure or table).

Figure/Table: ONE figure/table/image may be submitted per abstract. If you have more than one figure/table please combine these into one image before uploading. Please use the separate field below the text to choose and upload the image. The image must be in JPEG or PNG format.

Preferred presentation type
Choose your preferred presentation type, Oral/Poster or Poster only.

It is the author’s responsibility to submit a correct abstract; any errors in spelling, grammar, or scientific fact will be published as typed by the author. The Programme Committee will accept abstracts for the Scientific Programme (oral or poster presentation) on scientific merit. Only Abstracts of registered participants will be printed. At least one author must be registered for the conference.

Acknowledgment of submission will be e-mailed to the author designated as the primary contact, i.e. the author who signed in to the abstract submission system. Notification of acceptance of an abstract for oral or poster presentation will be sent to the same author in June 2018.