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iPS Core Services

iPS Core provide human iPS cells, neural derivatives thereof, cellular characterisation assays and consultant services for your experiments.

Main Services

Human iPS cell derivation from dermal fibroblasts

Reprogramming to iPS cells is performed by mRNA, this is a non-integrating, DNA-free method, allowing for generation of foot-print free iPS cells. The reprogramming is fully defined and xeno-free. iPS cell clones appears abut 3 weeks after induction with mRNA and the first passage is manually picked. The following passages are performed by single cell passaging. We strive to deliver two clones per fibroblast line. All generated iPS cell lines are subjected to basic characterization including, tested for endogenous expression of pluripotency factors, minimum two, Cell Authentication is performed demonstrating that the iPS cell lines are from the same person as the fibroblasts. This service takes about 10 weeks.

Derivation of human fibroblasts from skin biopsy

Fibroblasts are established from dermal biopsies (about 3mm in diameter). The cells are frozen at early passages in 3-5 vials dependent on customer request. This service takes about 4-5 weeks.

Derivation of Neuroepithelial stem cells (NES) cells from iPS cells

NES cells resemble early neuronal cells in the human and can be of help in studying neural development from persons with or without genetic alterations. NES cells generate neurons and glial upon differentiation. The NES cells are highly proliferative and can be an unlimited resource for human neural tissue. The neural induction is performed by dual-SMAD inhibition. The NES cells are stained for the neural markers Sox2 and Nestin before delivery. Establishment of NES cells takes about 5-6 weeks dependent on the number of vials that is requested.

Derivation of Astroglial cells from iPS cells or NES cells

Pilot service that is under development - Astroglial cells are derived either from iPS cells or from NES cells. The cells are produced according to publication Lundin Anders et al. Stem Cell Reports, March 2018. The generated cells are delivered in the numbers and formats that are requested by the customer, hence not a fixed price for this service. Link to publication:

Lundin A et al. Cell Stem Cell 2018. Human iPS-Derived Astroglia from a Stable Neural Precursor State Show Improved Functionality Compared with Conventional Astrocytic Models.

Most requested services for quality control of the generated iPS cells and NES cells

  • Hands-on cell culture training iPS cells or NES cells
  • Immunocytochemistry for pluripotency factors (iPS cells)
  • Immunocytochemistry for neural markers (NES cells)
  • Differentiation of NES to neurons by growth factor removal - various formats (RNA or immunocytochemistry for example)
  • GC-banding of generated cells (iPS cells or NES cells), performed in part at iPS Core and in part in other accredited laboratory.
  • Cell Authentication - used to confirm that the generated cells and the starting material are from the same person. This is in part performed at iPS Core and in part at another accredited laboratory. This is included when iPS cells are generated at iPS Core.
  • Embryonic body formation - assay to demonstrate pluripotency by generation of the three germlayers in vitro
  • RNA-preparation from iPS cells or NES cells for arrays.

Price list for the services above

The prices are for academic entites The prices are excluding overhead (INDI). Non-academic entities, contact us for service quotation.

The price list is valid until June 30, 2019.