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iPS Core Protocols and Publications

Protocols from iPS Core

iPS cell culturing

iPS cell freezing and thawing

NES cell culturing

Published control cell lines from iPS Core

CTL07-II iPS cells

CTL09-II and CTL10-V

iPS cell generation - movie and pictures

Links to useful publications

IPS cell generation – first human iPS cells, from the lab of Shinya Yamanaka published in Cell, 2007

iPS cell generation by mRNA method

iPS cell characterisation by bioinformatic assay - PluriTest

Muller FJ et al. 2010

Schulze M. et al. 2016

NES cell derivation by dual-SMAD, Chambers SM et al. 2009

NES cells from iPS cells, Falk A. et al 2012

Astrocytes generated from NES cells, Lundin A. et al 2018