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CfA coordinates the Vinnova-supported project IntegrIT. Experts from different areas work together to develop a more effective system for the collection and analysis of data to clinical studies.

About IntegrIT

The aim of the IntegrIT project is to develop a platform to facilitate clinical research in the healthcare setting and to provide support for value-based medicine. In this pilot project we will focus on the disease areas inflammatory lung diseases and diabetes. The project group includes experts within these medical fields, as well as in informatics, usability and patient engagement. The project was funded by Vinnova.

The project has developed prototypes for new tools that will facilitate the identification of patient participants suitable for research studies . Pilot studies within the chosen disease areas have been identified to set requirements and evaluate the IntegrIT tools.

More information about the IntegrIT project is available on our Swedish site.


For more information about the project you are welcome to contact