Trauma and sepsis research in critical care and beyond - TRASH – Anders Oldner's research group

Trauma and sepsis are common causes for intensive care admission. These conditions are closely linked and carry high mortality. We are conducting translational studies ranging from epidemiology to in vitro experiments in this field.

Our Research

Trauma is leading cause of death for individuals under the age of 45. We are conducting epidemiological studies on various aspects of trauma including risk factors, outcomes and long-term consequences of this devastating disease. Our group is also studying the serious complications encountered in intensive care of trauma victims such as multiple organ failure and sepsis. These studies also include dynamics of biomarkers induced by severe trauma and sepsis. 

Sepsis is causes more than 5 million deaths annually and remains a major challenge to the medical profession. We are conducting epidemiological studies on risk factors, magnitudes and outcomes of this lethal condition. We are also performing experimental studies on pathophysiological aspects mainly regarding endothelial dysfunction, a major component in the development of septic shock.


Selected publications


  • European Society of Intensive Care Medicine
  • Stockholm County Council
  • Carnegie Foundation
  • Magnus Bergvall Foundation
  • Laerdal Foundation
  • Swedish Society of Medicine
  • Swedish Cancer and Traffic Injury Society Fund 
  • LPS Medical Foundation

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Former group members:

  • Patrik Rossi, MD, PhD, former doctoral student
  • David Konrad, MD, PhD, former doctoral student
  • Michael Wanecek, MD, PhD, former doctoral student and co-supervisor
  • Olof Brattström – MD PhD, co-supervisor
  • Björn P. Persson – MD PhD, co-supervisor