Good food for all

Good food for all - a transdisciplinary, multisectorial, national centre of excellence for food allergy and other hypersensitivity to food.

The number of people with food allergy and hypersensitivity to food is increasing and is an important public health problem that affects all age groups. In collaboration with the Asthma and Allergy Association and the Swedish Food Federation, we will build up a national centre of excellence so that we together can improve the quality of life of these persons. The centre will be established with funding from the Swedish Arvsfonden.

Read more about Good food for all on our Swedish site and at the Asthma and Allergy Association's site.

About "Good food for all"

CfA was awarded funding from Vinnova to create a transdisciplinary, multisectorial research and innovation strategy for food allergy and other hypersensitivity to food, “Good food for all”. The agenda was published in January 2016.

Based on interviews with patients and stakeholders, we have identified three key areas within the area of food allergy and other hypersensitivities to food, where we see a significant need and where Sweden has great potential and opportunities for development:

  • From molecule to man – Improved treatments, diagnostic methods and preventative strategies
  • From farm to fork – Healthy, tasty and safe foods with regards to allergies.
  • From paper to practice – Improved quality of life through knowledge transfer

Our vision: “Sweden has global leadership in providing equitable healthcare, safe food and reliable knowledge for people with food allergy or other hypersensitivity to food, offering a quality of life equal to that offered to people without food hypersensitivity”


Create a national centre of excellence for food hypersensitivity . The centre will initiate and coordinate research, innovation and other projects within the three areas “From molecule to man”, “From farm to fork” and “From paper to practice”. The centre will have its hub at the Swedish Asthma and Allergy Assocation which will also act as a central point of contact for stakeholders seeking collaborations, information or advice on food allergy. Activities will be spread out to a number of competence centres, throughout the country, which will specialise in specific areas, e g clinical research, food production, risk analysis and knowledge support and engage relevant stakeholders across all societal sectors. This will provide an opportunity for current initiatives, such as The Centre for Allergy Research at Karolinska Institutet, Food Science Sweden in Gothenburg, as well as other ongoing national and regional projects to further broaden their scope and generate added value. The multidisciplinary activities of the centre will, thus, create value for both the medical and food industry, strengthening Sweden’s international competiveness in the field.

Goals for 2025

  1. New knowledge on the basic mechanisms of food allergy and other hypersensitivity to food is available and can be used to develop a new generation of preventative, diagnostic and treatment methods.
  2. Those with food allergy and other hypersensitivity to food can be accurately and equally diagnosed and treated throughout the country.
  3. Those with food allergy and other hypersensitivity to food can feel safe and enjoy meals as a good selection of tasty, nutritious and allergy safe food is readily available for home cooking, at cafés and restaurants as well as school canteens and pre-schools.
  4. General awareness of food allergy and other hypersensitivity to food has increased, providing a safer and more understanding environment for those who suffer from these diseases.

Agenda "Good food for all"

The agenda "Good food for all" was released on 14th January 2016. You can download a pdf version here (in Swedish).

A short summary of the "Good food for all" programme can be downloaded here (in Swedish).

If you would like to know more about "Good food for all", please contact:


Roelinde Middelveld

Telefon: 070-249 78 22
Enhet: Experimentell astma och allergiforskning

or Sofia Knáz

Project Manager Good food for all

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