Global Bridges - history

Global Bridges is a programme created by the Strategic Research Area Health Care Science to Advance Health Care Research Careers for Junior Researchers.

The aim is to support the development of junior researchers at KI and creating international networks within health care sciences and long lasting international collaborations - essential for their careers.

Global Bridges participants 2019

Global Bridges 2019

Global Bridges was held in week 37, with a joint programme on September 9, at Hasselbacken Hotel on beautiful Djurgården. Download the programme and presentations to get acquainted with this year's invited scholars and junior researchers.

Programme and presentations

2019's Junior KI researchers and their invited senior scholars​​​

The process

Global Bridges is arranged every two years. Post-docs at KI can apply and accepted junior researchers invite international scholars within the field of health care science to share their career stories with and answer all questions the junior researchers may have on their own career choices. The Global Bridges has been arranged five times and our experience is that it is always highly appreciated both by the invitees and the invited.

Top international scholars in health care science from Australia, Canada, Denmark, South Korea, UK and USA have participated in the Global Bridges initiative in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2017 from prestigious universities very generously sharing their experiences.

The programme

The international scholars will be financed for round trip travel costs and up to one week’s stay in Sweden by the SFO-V. The programme consists of a two-day seminar with junior KI researchers and another three days with seminars, lectures, clinical visits and/or other activities that invited scholar and the inviting junior researcher(s) agree on.

The junior researcher is expected to engage in the planning of Global Bridges, of both the joint programme together with the SFO-V team and also the individual programme for the other three days , and thus should be prepared to devote some time for this. The individual programme can partly be planned with the other participants and their invitees in Global Bridges such as joint seminars and social events, and separate activities such as work-shops, research group meetings, visits etc.

Participants Global Bridges conference 2017

Global Bridges 2017

See the joint programme, read about the invited international scholars and the junior researchers.

Programme Global Bridges 2017

Eligible to apply

Junior researchers in health care science at KI with a PhD, maximum 7 years after thesis defense, can apply. Those who have already previously participated in the Global Bridges program are no longer eligible as applicants or co applicants.


Global Bridges is held every two years. The application period for Global Bridges 2019 is now closed.


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