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Education in Global Health

Group of global health students

The Centre for Global Health (CGH) is supporting interdisciplinary courses, seminar series, workshops and student driven activities within Global Health.

Master's Programme in Global Health

Through KI's master degree in global health, the CGH supports students to acquire expertise and develop leadership skills in the field of global health.

Master's Programme in Global Health
Programme director: Asli Kulane
About the master's programme in global health and how to apply

PhD programme

The postgraduate programme in Biology of Infections and Global Health Programme BIGH is aimed at PhD students and provides specific professional knowledge in the research areas of infection biology and global health.

Postgraduate Programme in Biology of Infections and Global Health
Programme director: Mariano Salazar
About the BIGH programme and how to apply

Interdisciplinary and online courses in Global Health

Global health is much more than just “one disease”. The Centre for Global Health over the years has supported multi-disciplinary courses aimed at improving health systems as whole, by including disciplines such as law, business, social sciences and humanities.


Professional training

The Centre has supported the establishment of the Ebola Training Centre fieldworks, created in direct response to the acute shortage of aid workers in West Africa during the Ebola epidemic.

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Giulia Gaudenzi

Organizational unit: Global health