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Doctoral programme in Allergy, immunology and inflammation

Aii is a doctoral programme at KI supported by the Committee for Doctoral Education. Our main task is to ensure that PhD students within the fields of Allergy, Inflammation and Immunology achieve both broad and frontline area-specific knowledge during their PhD period.

This task is mainly conveyed by the arrangement of theoretical research education courses but also by arrangement of practical courses and by supporting extracurricular types of activities, such as literature clubs and research forums.

The activities of Aii are decided by a steering group consisting of teacher representatives and two PhD student representatives. Aii has decided to also support teacher-specific activities, in order to further improve our courses and to ensure best possible value for the students. These teacher-specific activities will be performed in collaboration with the department of Learning, Informatics, Management and Ethics (LIME). 

What does Aii do?

Aii financially supports and practically helps arranging theoretic and practical courses as well as other educational activities such as workshops, literature clubs and student conferences.

The main task is to ensure that PhD students in the field of allergy, immunology and inflammation get the best possible theoretical training and provide courses from basics to the absolute research forefront that advance the PhD students’ knowledge in the field and support their research.

Examples of Aii-sponsored education:

  • Courses
  • Literature clubs and research forums
  • Workshops and minisymposia
  • Teaching activities
  • Student conferences and events

Sign up to the KiiM email list

For information and seminars, please make sure that you have signed up for the KiiM emaillist. In order to sign up, please contact Petter Höglund
More information on the KiiM email list

    All current and previous courses

    Some courses are given every semester or once a year while others are given more irregularly, for example every third or fourth semester. Some courses in the list below are shared between several doctoral programs.

    Current Aii-sponsored minisymposia, seminar series and event

    KiiM retreat:

    Save the date: the 2020 Kiim retreat will be held 8-9 October at Skoghem and Wijk.
    More information will be found at the KiiM website.

    Winter conference

    Students winter conference: from basics to clinics March 19-22 (Contact: Katrin Mangold, See Facebook page:

    Grants for workshops and minisymposia

    Aii announces GRANTS available for the organization of workshops and minisymposia in the area of Allergy, immunology and inflammation. Please contact Caroline Grönwall at for more information about requirements and how you can apply. Costs that may be covered include travel and accommodation for invited speakers, rent of venue, lunches and coffee breaks etc. For recent examples of Aii-sponsored events, please see below.

    Information for course organizers

    The doctoral program Aii administrates and finances around 19 doctoral courses. If you are interested to organize a course within the field of allergy, immunology or inflammation, please see the  and also follow the instructions below in the document“Aii course organizer checklist”.
    Read more about arranging doctoral courses and activities 

    1. Contact Caroline ( well in advance to discuss the course (especially if it is a new course that is applying for Aii funding).
    2. Submit the new or revised syllabus in KIWAS
    3. Submit the course occasions in KIWAS (check with Caroline that the dates don’t collide with any other planned course)

    It is important submit your course syllabus and course occasions in time. Typically fall deadlines are in February and spring deadlines are in September.
    Check KI doctoral courses for current deadlines: 

    Aii finances a budget of up to 65 000 SEK/course week (including INDI).

    In your application for financial support, please also include a short description of expenses you expect (e.g. lecture room rent, copying, books, travel, hotel, lab reagents, external lecture representation, compensation of teachers) to Caroline. Out of the max 65.000 SEK per week, 15.000 can be shared between the course organizer(s) and the “kursamanuens” for compensation of their teaching/organizing time and efforts to administrate the course.

    In the case the course budget exceeds 65 000 SEK/week, an extended budget may be allowed for special cases, such as lab-intensive courses, but must be approved by Aii before the course starts. Reports of expenses for reimbursement should add INDI to the incurred total direct costs based on the organizer’s department. (Note that INDI is included in the above mentioned SEK 15.000 compensation).


    Expenses should be reported to Caroline Grönwall ( and Jan Wahlström at Jan.Wahlströ for reimbursement no later than three months after completion of the course.

    The reporting should include:

    • Aii course report form
    • Course evaluation form
    • Students’ evaluation report (Web survey)

    Please note that the course needs to have a minimum of 8 KI-registered PhD students or KI postdocs to receive the full funding.

    Steering group

    Caroline Grönwall

    Senior researcher

    Jan Wahlström

    Affiliated to research

    Vladana Vukojevic

    Senior researcher

    Mikael Adner

    Senior researcher

    Helen Kaipe

    Senior researcher

    Tulay Lindberg

    Senior researcher

    Michael Uhlin

    Affiliated to research

    Rosanne Veerman

    PhD student

    Elza Evren

    PhD student