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Call for Project Funding 2018/19

The SFO-v is announcing a call for project funding granting up to 10 projects of 250 K SEK,  with a possible extension of another 250 K for 2019. Application deadline is August 20th 2018 at 15:00. 

Announcement project funding SFO-V 2018/19

Application form project funding SFO-V 2018/19

* A recommendation is to plan the project budget from autumn 2018, or use terms as year 1 and year 2.

** Transferring text to the application form can enlarge the font of the text, this is ok as long as you are within the range of maximum words

*** It is ok to have up to four co-applicants as per application form

**** Applications submitted after July 9 will get a confirmation email 15 of august at the latest

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