Course in Nervous System Injury and Repair

The purpose of the course is for participants to gain knowledge concerning various injury types to various parts of the nervous system, the pathobiology, regenerative and non-regenerative features, species differences, treatment strategies, as well as clinical features and biomarkers.

Content of the course

The course will cover topics related to the consequences following injury to the nervous system, including the secondary injury, post-injury phases, and potential outcomes. This includes cellular and molecular events such as inflammation, reactive gliosis, CNS scarring (glial/fibrotic scarring), demyelination/remyelination, neuronal network reformation, and more. Moreover, we will cover how these events can be studied and what experimental models are used. We will discuss and give examples of the possibilities for diagnostics and the reparative potential of different treatment strategies. Students will be assigned group-assignemnts that focus on an injury to a part of the nervous system and/or species.

More information about this course.

Still some free spots, please contact Jacob Kjell for more information and application. 

Jacob Kjell

Course manager
K8 Department of Clinical Neuroscience