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Cognition / Behaviour / Psychology

Scientists in this area study complex mechanisms underlying cognition and behaviour. By using a combination of methods in animal models, including molecular genetics, optogenetics, physiological and behavioural analyses, neural circuits that serve distinct functions in behaviour can be elucidated.

In humans, the dramatic progress of brain imaging and neuropsychology has allowed a detailed exploration of the neural correlates of cognition and behaviour.

Problems including how humans perceive, think and act, are thus within reach for experimental analysis, and the emerging knowledge is being transferred to the clinic to improve treatments of stress and disease.

Research groups

Researcher Research area
John Axelsson Sleep, cognition and health
Sara Bengtsson Social cognitive neuroscience
Tom Brismar Clinical neurophysiology
Christian Broberger Brain networks controlling homeostatic processes
Marie Carlén Brain networks and psychiatric disorders
Aila Collins Psychology, women's health
Henrik Ehrsson Brain, body & self
Malin Ernberg Perception and modulation of pain
André Fisahn Neuronal oscillations
Gilberto Fisone Molecular neuropharmacology
Peter Fransson Large-scale connectivity in the human brain
Sten Grillner The cellular bases of motor behaviour
Petter Gustavsson Differential psychology and health
Tibor Harkany Neurodevelopment, endocannabinoid signaling
Rochellys Diaz Heijtz Developmental cognitive neuroscience
Anna-Lena Hulting Experimental and clinical neuroendocrinology
Tomas Hökfelt Chemical neurotransmission
Martin Ingvar Cognitive neurophysiology
Torkel Klingberg Developmental cognitive neuroscience
Eva Kosek Mechanisms of pain and treatment
Mats Lekander Psychoneuroimmunology
Maria Lindskog Synaptic transmission and mood disorders
Anette Lohmander Speech and language pathology
Björn Meister Brain control of food intake and body weight
Konstantinos Meletis Optogenetic studies of limbic circuits
Bo Melin Cognitive and emotional abilities in relation to health
Andreas Olsson Emotion and attention
Mats Olsson Human olfaction
Ivanka Savic Berglund Behavioral neurology
Gilad Silberberg Cortico-striatal microcircuitry
Sharon Stone-Elander Cognitive neurophysiology - medical radiochemistry
Per Svenningsson Neuropharmacology - movement disorders
Lisa Thorell Cognitive processes and ADHD
Mats Trulsson Sensory-motor control of mastication
Fredrik Ullén Neural mechanisms of expertise
Torbjörn Åkerstedt Psychology, stress and recovery
Dag Årsland Translational geriatric neuropsychiatry
Sven Ove Ögren Cognitive mechanisms underlying complex behaviour
Arne Öhman Emotion and attention