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CfA’s Competence Centre for Experimental Allergy Research (CCEM)


CfA CCEM is a competence centre for in vivo allergy research in experimental animal models
relevant to human disease.

How to get help with your research from CfA CCEM

When you have an idea for a project within the scope of CfA CCEM, contact the CfA CCEM coordinator to plan a meeting with the project development group. At the meeting you will have the opportunity to present your ideas and receive feedback. Before our next meeting, the project development group will discuss your project and the timeline regarding how and when the study can be performed. At our second meeting these suggestions will be presented and finalized before the experimental phase is initiated. If you have your own special rodent strain which you would like to use, it is possible for CfA CCEM to transfer and house the animals for the duration of the experiments. The transfer of animals needs to be approved by the veterinary department at KI. Contact CfA CCEM as early as possible to inform us that you are interested in using the services of CfA CCEM. This will facilitate the planning of your study.

Services offered by CfA CCEM

The focus of CfA CCEM is finding the ideal sensitization and provocation protocol for you. The protocol and subsequent duration of the study depend on both your focus as well as the rodent strain being used. Before and during the
sensitization/provocation phase, as well as before lung physiology measurements, it is possible to perform pharmacological interventions of your choice. Following completion of the lung physiology measurements we routinely collect organs, blood, bone marrow (BM) and bronchoalveolar lavage fluid (BALF). CfA CCEM can also perform differential cell counts of BAL and BM, morphological analyses on lungs, as well as cytokine and mediator analyses in BAL and serum/plasma. If your project requires additional analyses these needs can most often be met and can be discussed during our initial meeting. Access CfA CCEM distinguishes between the following categories of customers:

1: Research groups within KI*
2: Academic groups outside KI
3: Non-academic groups outside KI
*CfA subsidizes costs for users within Karolinska Institutet.

Approval from ethical committees

It is necessary for research groups using CfA CCEM to have an approved ethical permission before initiation of a study. If your study is concerning non-transgenic BALB/c or C57BL/6 mice, your study can be covered by CfA CCEMs existing ethical permission. For transgenic animals or strains other than BALB/C or C57BL/6, an addendum to CfA CCEMs ethical permission needs to be approved.


All projects carried out by CfA CCEM are confidential and will not be released to a third party.

CfA CCEM staff:
The staff at CfA CCEM carries out the animal handling, lung physiology measurements and other laboratory analyses. Personnel from the animal facility provide assistance with animal care.

  • Josh Gregory, PhD, Senior Lab Manager, scientific coordinator
  • Assoc. Prof. Mikael Adner, scientific advisor

Current project development group:
The project development group advises on your project, determines the timeline, and handles amendments to CfA CCEMs ethical permission when needed.

  • Josh Gregory, PhD, IMM, Solna
  • Prof. Gunnar Nilsson, Dept. of Medicine, Solna
  • Ass. Prof. Mikael Adner, IMM, Solna
  • Prof. Marianne van Hage, Dept. of Medicine, Solna
  • Prof. Sven-Erik Dahlén, IMM, Solna

Steering committee:

  • Anders Arner, Core Facility for Physiological Gene Function director
  • Sven-Erik Dahlén, CfA director

Further information

For further information please contact Joshua Gregory:

Josh Gregory
telephone (office): 08-524 874 90
telephone (mobile): 07-075 446 06