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CfA seminars

CfA organises seminars on a regular basis, around 1-2 per month, on a range of topics. The seminars have the intention to keep everyone up-to-date on the latest research findings and are a meeting place for researchers. PhD students are entitled to educational points when attending the seminars.

CfA seminar programme

For upcoming CfA seminars please see the CfA calender on the CfA home page.

CfA Play

If you have missed a seminar there is the possibility to see it again via our Youtube channel. This applies to a number of selected seminars. The seminars can be found at the Karolinska Institutets Youtube channel, in the playlist of the Centre for Allergy Research.

Kick-Off Seminar for the Anaphylaxis project 13th February 2014

The official launch of the project “Better diagnosis and new treatments to prevent death by anaphylaxis (allergic shock)” took place on 13th February 2014 at a Kick-off seminar. The three rewarded postdocs, Jennifer Protudjer, Alexander Fauland and Mirja Vetander presented themselves and their projects. The programme is available here. This project has been made possible by a generous donation by Karin and Sten Mörtstedt CBD Solutions AB to the CfA.

Introduction to CfA and the Anaphylaxis project - Gunilla Hedlin and Sven-Erik Dahlén, Directors CfA

My background, and the unmet needs in food allergy - Jennifer Protudjer, Postdoctoral Fellowship Awardee

My background, and clinical findings in food allergy - Mirja Götze Vetander, Postdoctoral Fellowship Awardee

My background, and the opportunities provided by mass spectrometry - Alexander Fauland, Postdoctoral Fellowship Awardee

The mast cell - a central player in anaphylaxis - Gunnar Nilsson, Professor of Clinical Immunology and Allergy

Anaphylaxis - is it always allergen-related? - Theo Gülen, PhD student, Allergologist