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Cellular / Molecular

Cellular/Molecular neuroscientists study how neurons control their excitable behaviour, how they receive and process incoming information, and how they communicate with other neurons via synapses.

Scientists in this field utilize a wide range of research technologies to decipher the molecular and biophysical basis of neuronal function, as well as the interplay between neurons and glial cells.

Cellular and molecular neuroscience research often links with other fields such as stem cell biology, and have implications for disease mechanisms in many nervous system disorders.

Research groups

Researcher Research area
Ernest Arenas Development and generation of dopamine neurons
Christian Broberger Brain networks controlling homeostatic processes
Lennart Brodin Presynaptic mechanisms
Gonçalo Castelo-Branco Epigenetic states during oligodendrocyte development
Sandra Ceccatelli Developmental neurotoxicology
Karima Chergui Molecular neurophysiology
Abdel El Manira Neuromodulation in spinal locomotor networks
Patrik Ernfors Molecular neurobiology
Anna Falk Induced pluripotent stem cells
André Fisahn Neuronal oscillations
Gilberto Fisone Molecular neuropharmacology
Bertil Fredholm Molecular neuropharmacology
Kjell Fuxe Molecular neuropharmacology
Sten Grillner The cellular bases of motor behaviour
Tibor Harkany Neurodevelopment, endocannabinoid signaling
Ola Hermanson Neuronal development and differentiation
Jens Hjerling-Leffler Genetics of adolescent brain development
Tomas Hökfelt Chemical neurotransmission
Carlos Ibáñez Functions and signaling mechanisms of growth factors
Lars Jakobsson Regulation of vascular integrity in the CNS
Håkan Karlsson Molecular genetic studies of schizophrenia
Juha Kere Genetics and molecular biology of dyslexia and cognitive development
Ole Kiehn Mammalian locomotor lab
François Lallemend Sensory neuron specification and connectivity
Thomas Perlmann Molecular developmental biology and stem cells
Agneta Richter-Dahlfors Tissue microbiology, organic bioelectronics
Gunnar Schulte Receptor biology and signaling
Oleg Shupliakov Neuronal membrane trafficking
Gilad Silberberg Cortico-striatal microcircuitry
Roger Strömberg Nucleic acids for diagnostics and gene therapy
Cecilia Söderberg-Nauclér Neural differentiation and cancer development
Per Uhlén Intracellular signaling
Peter Århem Ion channels