Call for funds - Sabbatical 2022

This is a translation from the Swedish original text Utlysning – Sabbatical 2022. If any discrepancy, please see the Swedish version.


Call for funds – sabbatical 2022 


Karolinska Institutet announces funds for partial financing of sabbatical stays in health care science to be carried out at universities during the period 2022-2023.



The strategic research area of health care science (SFO-V) is a collaboration between Karolinska Institutet (KI) and Umeå University (UmU), see


Health care science aims at developing the field in a broad sense, beyond the mandate of specific professional groups. Studies of complex care processes based on knowledge and methods from several academic disciplines are emphasized. Central issues concern collaboration between caregivers and patients / clients. Research in this area is closely related to health and medical care research on care processes and systems and often takes place with a multidisciplinary perspective.


SFO-V's overall vision is that care and care development is based on high-quality care research. The strategic research area therefore works to develop high-quality research in care science at KI and UmU, to increase collaboration between care providers, patients, and decision-makers as well as with the business sector and the wider society and to contribute to renewal and development of care education at all levels. Research within SFO-V is conducted with a focus on the following four core areas:


  • Co-creation - of services, processes and products refers to collaborative activities and approaches that strive to facilitate users, i.e. any stakeholder in issues related to health, disease and illness, working together on equal terms to create value, based on their different types of knowledge and experience.


  • Self-management - refers to a person’s ability to manage the symptoms, treatment, physical and psychological consequences, and life-style changes inherent in living with a health condition.


  • eHealth - refers to the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) for health and health-related fields, including health care services, health surveillance, health communication, health education and research.


  • Bio-behavioral health care science - refers to the intercept of health care sciences with biological and behavioral sciences, to study the complex interactions among biological, social, behavioral and environmental factors and their effects on outcome to address issues of relevance for health care sciences


For information on how the core areas are defined, please see:



Announcement of Funds for Possibility of Sabbatical stay at another university


To promote research and education at the doctoral level in health care science and strengthen the collaboration between Karolinska Institutet and international research environments in caring science, SFO-V announces funding for sabbatical stays at another university. Eligible to apply are professors and senior lecturers at Karolinska Institutet who:


• Holds permanent employment as professor or senior lecturer at Karolinska Institutet for at least five years


• Conducts research in one of SFO-V's four main areas


The applicant must show a clear research plan of good scientific quality to be carried out during the sabbatical stay. Furthermore, there must be a clear argument on how research and education at postgraduate level in the field of health care science at Karolinska Institutet benefits from a sabbatical stay based on the described project.

The length of the applied sabbatical period can vary between 1 and 3 months and must be justified in the application. 50% of the granted period must be spent on site at the host university. The department receives 75% salary compensation for the teacher concerned during the sabbatical period. The applicant can apply for a grant for travel expenses corresponding to 1 trip in economy class plus funds for other expenses up to SEK 30,000. The sabbatical stay must be fully completed no later than 2023-05-30.


The application must contain the following:


  1. Cover letter signed by the applicant, including a) the purpose of the stay b) the expected benefits for the subject area health care science at Karolinska Institutet c) the applicant's department affiliation and employment.
  2. Research plan, not exceeding 4 A4 pages
  3. Short CV, not exceeding one A4 page
  4. List of publications with 10 selected publications, not exceeding one A4 page
  5. Certificate from the applicant's head of department confirming that co-financing exists, and that the applicant is dismissed with retained salary to complete the sabbatical stay if the application is granted
  6. Certificate from the host university confirming that the applicant can be offered a place and have access to the resources necessary for the implementation of the research plan.


The application can be written in English or Swedish.


Assessment criteria

Assessment criteria (the criteria will be weighted equally):


• Applicant's skills and potential.

• The scientific quality of the project and its relevance to heath care science and at least one of SFO-V's four main areas.

• The potential benefit of the Sabbatical period for research and education at postgraduate level in the subject of health care science at Karolinska Institutet.


More information

Further information is provided by Professor Staffan Josephsson, Director of the Strategic Research Area of Health Care Sciences (SFO-V), Department of Neurobiology, Caring Sciences and Society (NVS), Karolinska Institutet,, telephone: +46 70 305 83 57 , 08-524 888 26.

Deadline for applications

The application must be submitted as a coherent pdf file via email to no later than 2022-06-01.


Decisions will be announced to applicants no later than 2022-06-28.

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