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BIC price lists

The BIC facility has two fee levels, one for KI users, and one for private industry. The CMB microscope facility has a three-level fee list; internal users from the CMB department, KI users and off-campus users.

BIC facility user fees (in SEK)

  • Introductory course to a microscope and registration - 2.000/user/session
  • Cross-over training (learning more confocals of similar model) - 200/session
  • Consultations - 500/h

CLSM confocals

  • Zeiss confocal systems - first 5h is 200/h, 5-12h is 100/h and >12h is 40/h.
  • Leica SP5 and Olympus FV1000 - 100/h

Image Analysis WS or Licenses

  • Licenses - no fee
  • Analysis Workstations (WS) - 50/h

Live Cell or Automated High content

  • First 5h is 200/h, 5-12h is 100/h, 12-24h is 40/h and >24h is 20/h

Specialized Systems

  • All systems (apart from STED below) - 150/h
  • Leica SP5 STED - 500/h
  • Light Sheet COLM (a setup fee of 500kr is added to the total sum)

Widefield Fluorescence

  • All systems - 100

Users from industry are also welcome but they pay 200% of the above mentioned fees.


For further info or questions, please contact the managers of the BIC Facility: (email address to all managers simultaneously)