About KI Biobank

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About KI Biobank

According to The Swedish Act on Biobanks (2002:297), all samples collected within the realms of a health care provider must be registered and traceable in a biobank. This also goes for samples collected within ethically approved research studies.

The KI Biobank is a core facility with the mission to provide researchers with professional services regarding sample handling, storage and withdrawal of human biological samples collected in ethically approved research studies. We started in 2004 and are a biobank facility, providing service for pre-analytical handling, storage and distribution of human biological samples.

For research groups managing sample collections on their own, KI Biobank in collaboration with SLL offer a biobank IT support tool called SCARAB-LIMS, which may be implemented in the research groups.

We cooperate regionally in the KI / SLL joint biobanking infrastructure Stockholm Medical Biobank (SMB), and nationally with the cooperation agency within the SKL for biobank issues; Nationellt biobanksråd (NBR).

KI Biobank is since 2010 part of the Swedish universities’ national infrastructure for biobanking and analysis of biological samples; BBMRI.se. We also cooperate internationally with BBMRI-ERIC, BBMRI LPC and the Mayo Clinic, United States.

* BBMRI.se = the Biobanking and BioMolecular Resource Infrastructure of Sweden