2nd Workshop on Spectral Flow Cytometry

We are happy to announce the 2nd Workshop on Spectral Flow Cytometry which will take place at the Center for Molecular Medicine (CMM) on February 23 to 25, 2021.

Spectral flow cytometry takes advantage of the whole emission spectrum of a dye rather than focusing on its major emission peak. This allows for the simultaneous detection and deconvolution of a wider range of fluorochromes within the same specimen – i.e. more information per sample.

We invite you all to this workshop which encompasses:
- a mandatory theoretical component about spectral flow cytometry, its scientific basis and main differences to conventional flow cytometry (via Zoom) on day 1;
- a practical hands-on demonstration of the instrument’s ability to discriminate overlapping fluorochromes impossible to run simultaneously in conventional flow cytometry (each participant will be included in 1 of the existing 8 practical sessions). Practical sessions will take place in loco at the Flow Cytometry Core Facility at CMM and spread out during days 2 and 3.

Our two Cytek Aurora instruments, equipped with 3 or 4 excitation lasers, look forward to your training!

This workshop is aimed at those with experience in flow cytometry and interested in getting more information out of their samples. The workshop is open to all (PhD students, master students, postdocs, lab trainees and senior researchers) but limited to 24 participants. Preference will be given to PhD students as well as previous applicants that did not get a place in our first workshop last November. The selection will be based on the above and on your motivation to attend the workshop,and therefore we would like you to submit a motivation letter signed by your PI when submitting your application (send an e-mail to bruno.raposo@ki.se).

We hope to hear from you soon!

Committee and teaching,
Annika van Vollenhoven
Bruno Raposo
Christina Gerstner


Supported by Aii (doctoral program in Allergy, immunology and inflammation) and NordicBiosite