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Diet-related non-communicable diseases in South Africa: determinents and policy responses. In: Padarath Spires M, Delobelle P, Sanders D, Puoane T, Hoelzel P, Swart R - A, King J, Mackie E, Casciola J, editors. South African Health Review 2016. Durban: Health Systems Trust; 2016. p. 35-42.

Posters and presentations

Presentation abstract: Self-management of type 2 diabetes: Contextualizing care and self-management for pre-diabetes and diabetes among immigrants of non-European descent in Stockholm

Poster: Enabling self-management of type 2 diabetes: our journey to carve out a community component for vulnerable urban areas in Stockholm

Poster: Addressing the burden of type 2 diabetes: formative research into health behavior and education needs in a peri-urban community in the Western Cape

Presentation: The process of culture in implementation research: linking the clinic and the community in Stockholm

Presentation: Self-management perceptions among providers and non-European type 2 diabetes patients in Stockholm

Presentation: Improving understanding of food choices and dietary changes among migrants in host countries

Abstract: Improving self-management for diabetes in diverse settings: example of Reciprocal Learning Approach

Poster: Community screening in disadvantaged areas: Addressing a gap in the detection of type 2 diabetes

Poster: Risk perceptions among persons living with prediabetes in Stockholm

Information Sheets

Printable information sheet with an overview of the project and a focus on the Swedish arm of the study

Dissemination materials

Other Documents

Powerpoint template for SMART2D presentations (version 1)

Powerpoint template for SMART2D presentations (version 2)