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Multipotent peripheral glial cells generate neuroendocrine cells of the adrenal medulla
Furlan A, Dyachuk V, Kastriti Me, Calvo-enrique L, Abdo H, Hadjab S, et al
Science (New York, N.Y.) 2017;357(6346):-

Hippocampal Transcriptome Profile of Persistent Memory Rescue in a Mouse Model of THRA1 Mutation-Mediated Resistance to Thyroid Hormone
Wang Y, Fisahn A, Sinha I, Nguyen Dp, Sterzenbach U, Lallemend F, et al
Scientific reports 2016;6():18617-

A local source of FGF initiates development of the unmyelinated lineage of sensory neurons
Hadjab S, Franck Mc, Wang Y, Sterzenbach U, Sharma A, Ernfors P, et al
The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience 2013;33(45):17656-66

A role for the canonical nuclear factor-κB pathway in coupling neurotrophin-induced differential survival of developing spiral ganglion neurons
Vandenbosch R, Chocholova E, Robe Pa, Wang Y, Lambert C, Moonen G, et al
Frontiers in cellular neuroscience 2013;7():242-

Positional differences of axon growth rates between sensory neurons encoded by runx3
Lallemend F, Sterzenbach U, Hadjab-lallemend S, Aquino Jb, Castelo-branco G, Sinha I, et al
EMBO JOURNAL 2012;31(18):3718-29

A mutant thyroid hormone receptor alpha1 alters hippocampal circuitry and reduces seizure susceptibility in mice
Hadjab-lallemend S, Wallis K, Van Hogerlinden M, Dudazy S, Nordstrom K, Vennstrom B, et al
NEUROPHARMACOLOGY 2010;58(7):1130-9

Midazolam reverses salicylate-induced changes in brain-derived neurotrophic factor and Arg3.1 expression: Implications for tinnitus perception and auditory plasticity
Panford-walsh R, Singer W, Ruttiger L, Hadjab S, Tan J, Geisler Hs, et al

New insights into peripherin expression in cochlear neurons
Lallemend F, Vandenbosch R, Hadjab S, Bodson M, Breuskin I, Moonen G, et al
NEUROSCIENCE 2007;150(1):212-22

Tinnitus behavior and hearing function correlate with the reciprocal expression patterns of BDNF and Arg3.1/arc in auditory neurons following acoustic trauma
Tan J, Ruttiger L, Panford-walsh R, Singer W, Schulze H, Kilian Sb, et al
NEUROSCIENCE 2007;145(2):715-26

Activation of protein kinase CbetaI constitutes a new neurotrophic pathway for deafferented spiral ganglion neurons
Lallemend F, Hadjab S, Hans G, Moonen G, Lefebvre Pp, Malgrange B
JOURNAL OF CELL SCIENCE 2005;118(19):4511-25

Hexachlorobenzene, a dioxin-like compound, disrupts auditory function in rat
Hadjab S, Maurel D, Cazals Y, Siaud P
HEARING RESEARCH 2004;191(1-2):125-34

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