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About me

Post-doctoral researcher in the Division for Epidemiology and Public Health Intervention Research (EPHIR), Department of Public Health Sciences, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden.


PhD; Department of Public Health Sciences, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden (2012)

Bachelor and post-graduate degrees in psychology (University of Melbourne,Australia; Federation University, Australia) and health promotion Karolinska Institutet, Sweden.

Research description

I am broadly interested in links between physical activity/inactivity and mental health. I'm also actively involved in trials of exercise for depression/anxiety, psychosis and substance abuse.

Recent publications (last 4 years)

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Academic honours, awards and prizes

Swedish Research Council for Health Workinglife and Welfare (FORTE) 2018-20: Effects of yoga on health and wellbing in elderly adults. Principal investigator.

Swedish Research Council for Health Workinglife and Welfare (FORTE) 2018-20: Novel treatments for substance abuse. Co-investigator.

Swedish Research Council for Health Workinglife and Welfare (FORTE) 2016; Physical activity, sedentary behaviour and depression. Visiting researcher grant.

Post-doctoral award 2015 and 2016: Exercise for Depression, Brain Foundation Sweden (Hjärnfonden):

PhD scholarship 2009-2012, Karolinska Institutet (KID).

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Oslo University, Norway: nvited seminar: Exercise for substance dependence (with Professor Egil Martinsen). April, 2017.

Physiotherapy Association Sweden, Section for Mental Health: Invited lecture on exercise for depression, Gothenberg, March 2016.

TV4 Sweden: I appeared on Swedish television to discuss the REGASSA project and how exercise can be used to treat depression; April, 2015.

Non-scientific articles/interviews (e.g. Medscape):