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About me

By profession, I am a registered nurse and authorized sexologist (Specialist in Sex Education, Sexual Health Promoter [NACS]). Before starting as a lecturer, I have worked in emergency departments, clinical trials of HIV and hepatitis medications as well as HIV/STI screening. I maintain a clinical contact and experience through per diem work at the emergency department at Södersjukhuset. To me, it is essential to stay up to date clinically and to know about the everyday work-life for nursing colleagues.

My passion has from my undergraduate years been the health and care needs of sexual minority patients (LGBTQ). The last few years, my focus has mainly been on the older adult. Theoretically, my work is influenced by critical theories (gender, queer and crip theories), particularly how that intersects with gerontology.​


1993-1996 Göteborg University College for Caring Sciences
University Certificate in Nursing
1997-1998 University of Gothenburg
B.S. Nursing
1998-2000 University of Gothenburg
M.S. (one-year) Nursing, Sexology (Courses in sexology; clinical [90 ECTS-credits] and didactic [30 ECTS-credits])
2014-2019 (exp) Karolinska Institutet
Lic. Med. Sci. (med. lic.), Caring science

Research description

My dissertation research is a randomized controlled trial (PhONEME) studying the effect of an app with patient-reported outcome measures (PROM). The reported measures are symptoms related to radiotherapy in patients treated for prostate cancer.

The first patients in the study were included the summer of 2015 and inclusion ended in 2017.

Teaching portfolio

I teach at both undergraduate as well as at the post-graduate/specialist nursing programmes at the Division of Nursing, but also in other programs at other divisions. My teaching is primarily focused on research methods and scientific theory, human sexuality, and gerontology.

I have experience from regular classroom lectures to distance learning, both with small as well as large groups. Additionally, I have experience from teaching at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), U.S.A.

In a collaboration between KI and the Student Union (MF), I participated in the review the nursing and medical students did of their programmes regarding equity. A report was published in Swedish: Vidgade perspektiv i utbildningen [Widened perspectives in the education].

The last couple of years I have published book chapters in Swedish textbooks about older gay men and HIV as well as queering caring moments.
As part of the public component of academic work, I lecture about health for LGBTQ individuals, aging, and mental health and sexuality.

Academic honours, awards and prizes

Sigma Theta Tau International, Alpha Eta and Tau Omega, inducted 2008

Chancellor's Award for the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Leadership for student, UCSF, 2010

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Christiansen, M., & Boström, A.-M. (2013). Revising the curriculum for a postgraduate program in gerontological nursing. Paper presented at the Waves of Change: Charting the Course for Gerontology and Geriatrics Education (39th Annual Meeting and Educational Leadership Conference of the Association for Gerontology in Higher Education), St. Petersburg, FL. Abstract