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About me

I am a public health scientist with specific interest in preventive and public health interventions for depression and stress. I have been working in this field since my PhD studies, in various settings and contexts, including semi-rural areas in Vietnam as well as Stockholm. I also work clinically with Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction groups and psychotherapy. I am coordinator for sustainable development in education at KI, and my ambition is to bridge my two disciplines of interest – individual mental health and social sustainability – through research and education. I am also member of the management group of the KI Center for Social Sustainability.


Ph:D Medical Science 2012

M.Sc Medical Anthropology 2004

B.Sc Neuroscience 2003

Research description

My current project concerns evaluating the effects of a Mindfulness intervention in preventing stress during pregnancy and its negative consequences on the mother and infant. I am main supervisor of one PhD student working in the project.

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