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Structure of the competence pilus major pilin ComGC in Streptococcus pneumoniae
Muschiol S, Erlendsson S, Aschtgen Ms, Oliveira V, Schmieder P, De Lichtenberg C, et al
The Journal of biological chemistry 2017;292(34):14134-14146

A phospholipase A1 antibacterial Type VI secretion effector interacts directly with the C-terminal domain of the VgrG spike protein for delivery
Flaugnatti N, Le Tt, Canaan S, Aschtgen Ms, Nguyen Vs, Blangy S, et al
Molecular microbiology 2016;99(6):1099-118

Molecular Dissection of the Interface between the Type VI Secretion TssM Cytoplasmic Domain and the TssG Baseplate Component
Logger L, Aschtgen Ms, Guérin M, Cascales E, Durand E
Journal of molecular biology 2016;428(22):4424-4437

Rotation of Vibrio fischeri Flagella Produces Outer Membrane Vesicles That Induce Host Development
Aschtgen Ms, Lynch Jb, Koch E, Schwartzman J, Mcfall-ngai M, Ruby E
JOURNAL OF BACTERIOLOGY 2016;198(16):2156-65

Vibrio fischeri-derived outer membrane vesicles trigger host development
Aschtgen Ms, Wetzel K, Goldman W, Mcfall-ngai M, Ruby E
Cellular microbiology 2016;18(4):488-99

Biogenesis and structure of a type VI secretion membrane core complex
Durand E, Nguyen Vs, Zoued A, Logger L, Péhau-arnaudet G, Aschtgen Ms, et al
Nature 2015;523(7562):555-60

Architecture and assembly of the Type VI secretion system
Zoued A, Brunet Yr, Durand E, Aschtgen Ms, Logger L, Douzi B, et al

Structural characterization and oligomerization of the TssL protein, a component shared by bacterial type VI and type IVb secretion systems
Durand E, Zoued A, Spinelli S, Watson Pj, Aschtgen Ms, Journet L, et al
The Journal of biological chemistry 2012;287(17):14157-68

The C-tail anchored TssL subunit, an essential protein of the enteroaggregative Escherichia coli Sci-1 Type VI secretion system, is inserted by YidC
Aschtgen Ms, Zoued A, Lloubès R, Journet L, Cascales E
MicrobiologyOpen 2012;1(1):71-82

Towards a structural comprehension of bacterial type VI secretion systems: characterization of the TssJ-TssM complex of an Escherichia coli pathovar
Felisberto-rodrigues C, Durand E, Aschtgen Ms, Blangy S, Ortiz-lombardia M, Douzi B, et al
PLoS pathogens 2011;7(11):e1002386-

Anchoring the type VI secretion system to the peptidoglycan TssL, TagL, TagP, ... what else?
Aschtgen Ms, Thomas Ms, Cascales E
VIRULENCE 2010;1(6):535-40

The SciZ protein anchors the enteroaggregative Escherichia coli Type VI secretion system to the cell wall
Aschtgen Ms, Gavioli M, Dessen A, Lloubès R, Cascales E
Molecular microbiology 2010;75(4):886-99

SciN Is an Outer Membrane Lipoprotein Required for Type VI Secretion in Enteroaggregative Escherichia coli
Aschtgen Ms, Bernard Cs, De Bentzmann S, Lloubes R, Cascales E
JOURNAL OF BACTERIOLOGY 2008;190(22):7523-31

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