Magnus Boman

Magnus Boman

Telephone: +46852481559
Visiting address: Maria Aspmans gata 30A, 17164 Solna
Postal address: K2 Medicin, Solna, K2 KEP Askling, 171 77 Stockholm

About me

  • I am a professor of AI and Health at the Department of Medicine, Solna, Division of Clinical Epidemiology. Come visit me at the beautiful Eugeniahemmet!

    I lead the 

  • AI@KI project since 2020. Moreover, I am engaged with AI questions at MedTechLabs since 2023 and an advisor on research methodology involving machine learning in Clinicum.


  • My research is in Artificial Intelligence and how it

    • may be used for precision medicine and multimodal prediction and prevention

    • will make us think about evolving norms and values in future services and products

    • can help us humans learn over time for cross-domain applications and then save or share those learned structures

    • should take on energy-efficient forms that address the von Neumann bottleneck, such as reservoirs for neuromorphic computing

    • can help translate the output from quantum sensors into meaningful and actionable information.


  • I teach the Precision Medicine track of the course Current Trends in Health Informatics (5HI024) at LIME. 

  • PhD students at KI, KTH and SU have to suffer me as their main supervisor. A list of finished Ph D theses can be found below, and under that a list of completed master (and a few bachelor) theses. Most of these students had me as supervisor or examiner at KTH, where I was a professor in Intelligent Software Services for 20 years.


  • Completed PhD theses:

    Diarmuid Corcoran: Systematic Data-Driven Continual Self-Learning, TRITA-EECS-AVL 2023:29, KTH. May 2023.

    Saranya Natarajan: Programming Language Primitives and Tools for Integrated Real-Time Systems Development, (asst supervisor) TRITA-EECS-AVL 2021:32, KTH. June 2021.

    Kambiz Ghoorchian: Graph Algorithms for Large-Scale and Dynamic Natural Language Processing, TRITA-EECS-AVL 2019:85, KTH. December 2019.

    Magnus Hjelmblom: Norm-Regulation of Agent Systems: Instrumentalizing an algebraic approach to agent system norms, DSV Report 15-014, Stockholm University, November 2015.

    Pedro Sanches: Health Data: Representation and (In)visibility, DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.1.4749.5206, KTH. January 2015.

    Baki Cakici: The Informed Gaze: On the Implications of ICT-Based Surveillance, DSV Report 13-006, Stockholm University. October 2013.

    Jan Odelstad: Many-Sorted Implicative Conceptual Systems, DSV Report 08-012, KTH. December 2008.

    Thomas Sandholm: Statistical Methods for Computational Markets---Proportional Share Market Prediction and Admission Control, DSV Report 08-006, KTH. May 2008.

    Jarmo Laaksolahti: Plot, Spectacle and Experience---Contributions to the Design and Evaluation of Interactive Storytelling, (asst supervisor) DSV Report 08-001, Stockholm University. February 2008.

    Markus Bylund: A Design Rationale for Pervasive Computing---User Experience, Contextual Change, and Technical Requirements, DSV Report 05-015, KTH. June 2005.

    Lisa Brouwers: Microsimulation Models for Disaster Policy Making, DSV Report 05-012, Stockholm University. May 2005.

    Stefan Johansson: On Coordination in Multi-Agent Systems, (asst supervisor), Department of Software Engineering and Computer Science, Blekinge Institute of Technology. May 2002.

    Bengt Carlsson: Conflicts in Information Ecosystems---Modelling Selfish Agents and Antagonistic Groups, (asst supervisor), Department of Software Engineering and Computer Science, Blekinge Institute of Technology. December 2001.

    Harko Verhagen: Norm Autonomous Agents, DSV Report 00-004, Stockholm University. May 2000.


  • Completed MSc theses:

    Pierre Meyrat: "Spatiotemporal PET reconstruction with Learned Registration" (KTH)

    Glacier Ali and Rebecka Gustavsson: "Risk Stratification of Acute Coronary Syndrome using Machine Learning: An analysis of CLEOS-CPDS data" (KTH B Sc thesis, Receiver: Danderyd hospital, Stockholm)

    Rosario Silva Sepulveda: "Using Multimodal Machine Learning for Analysing Multifactorial Causes of Disease: The case of childhood overweight and obesity in Mexico" (KI)

    Núria Rodríguez-Ruiz: "Multimodal Data Interpretation to Support Clinical Decision-Making: A Conceptual Design for Molecular Tumour Board Meetings for Lymphoma" (KI)

    Added Kina: Task-Agnostic Knowledge Distillation of mBERT to Swedish" (KTH)

    Ahmad Sadek: "Primary stage Lung Cancer Prediction with Natural Language Processing-Based Machine Learning" (KTH, Receiver: KI)

    David Mellin: "Improving a Few-shot Named Entity Recognition Model Using Data Augmentation" (KTH, Receiver: Findwise)

    Styliani Katsarou: "Improving Multilingual Models for the Swedish Language - Exploring Cross-Lingual Transferability and Stereotypical Biases" (KTH, Receiver: Peltarion)

    Sevket Melih Zenciroglu: "Comparing Non-Bayesian Uncertainty Evaluation Methods in Chromosome Classification by Using Deep Neural Networks" (KTH, Receiver: Arkus AI)

    Sarthak Langde: "QPLaBSE: Quantized and Pruned Language-Agnostic BERT Sentence Embedding Model - Production-ready compression for multilingual transformers" (KTH, Receiver: Sinch)

    Robin de Groot: "Developing a Mobile Eye Tracking Solution using Transfer Learning" (KTH, Receiver: Lexplore)

    Juan Aldamis Orcajo: "A Machine Learning Approach to the analysis of mortality in patients with cardiovascular diseases" (KTH, Receiver: Intelligent Data Analysis Laboratory, Valencia Uni)

    Omar Emilio Contreras Zaragoza: "Explainable Antibiotics Prescriptions in NLP with Transformer Models" (KTH, Receiver: Peltarion)

    Boris Bubla: "DistilLaBSE: Task-agnostic distillation of multilingual sentence embeddings" (KTH, Receiver: Sinch)

    Bazil Muzaffar Kotriwala: "Predictive Maintenance of Construction Equipment using Log Data" (KTH: Receiver: Volvo Construction Equipment)

    Einar Lennelöv: "Overcoming generative likelihood bias for voxel-based out-of-distribution detection" (KTH, Receiver: RaySearch)

    Annika Gerigoorian and Maha Kloub: "A Cross-Sectional Technology Acceptance Study of an AI CAD System in a Breast Screening Unit" (KTH B Sc thesis, Receiver: Sankt Görans hospital, Stockholm)

    Tengfei Ma: "A Graph Attention plus Reinforcement Learning Method for Antenna Tilt Optimization" (KTH, Receiver: Ericsson)

    Esoon Ko: "Product Matching through Multimodal Image and Text Combined Similarity Matching" (KTH: Receiver: APPRL)

    Johan Vikström: "Comparing decentralized learning to Federated Learning when training Deep Neural Networks under churn" (KTH)

    Mastafa Foufa: "Anomaly Detection Across Multiple Languages" (KTH, Receiver: Microsoft, Dublin)

    Pietro Alovisi: "Static Branch Prediction with Representation Learning" (KTH)

    Eric Samikwa: "Multi-modal IoT sensing with edge computing for early warning systems" (KTH, Receiver: RISE, Kista)

    Xin Ren: "Machine Learning for Genome-Wide Association Study Data" (KTH, Receiver: KI, Huddinge)

    Marcos Fernández Carbonell: "Automated Multimodal Emotion Recognition" (KTH, Receiver: Stockholm University, Psychology Dept)

    Ronja Jösch: "Managing Microservices with a Service Mesh---An implementation of a service mesh with Kubernetes and Istio" (KTH, Receiver: Sveriges Television)

    Tongtong Fang: "Learning from noisy labels by importance reweighting: A deep learning approach" (KTH, Receiver: RIKEN AIP, Tokyo)

    Christian Boersmaa: "Designing a platform to communicate posture and movement data to medical professionals" (KTH, Receiver: Qinematic)

    Ottar Gudmunsson: "Gating Networks in Learning Machines for Multimodal Data: Decision Fusion on Single Modality Classifiers" (KTH, Receiver: RISE)

    Diego Roa: "Analysis of Short Text Classification Strategies using Out-of-Domain Vocabularies" (KTH, Receiver: Celonis)

    Hadi Sotudeh: "Predicting Undesired Business Process Behavior using Supervised Machine Learning" (KTH, Receiver: Celonis)

    Mattias Arro: "Label-Efficient Multi-Objective Machine Learning for e-Commerce" (KTH, Receiver: SICS)

    Erik Droh: "T-Distributed Stochastic Neighbor Embedding Data Preprocessing Impact on Image Classification using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks" (KTH B Sc thesis)

    Staffan Jansson Aldenfalk: "Prediction of Alarms in a Pump Station using Neural Networks" (KTH, Receiver: Xylem Inc.)

    Tijmen Verhulsdonck: "One Shot Object Detection for Tracking Purposes" (KTH, Receiver: ETH / UC Berkeley)

    Daniyal Shahrokhian: "Syna: Emotion Recognition based on Spatio-Temporal Machine Learning" (KTH, Receiver: SICS)

    Akash Singh: "Anomaly Detection for Temporal Data using Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM)" (KTH, Receiver: Ericsson)

    Filip Stojanovski: "Churn Prediction using Sequential Activity Patterns in an On-Demand Music Streaming Service" (KTH, Receiver: Spotify)

    Dominik Harz: "Trust and verifiable computation for smart contracts in permissionless blockchains" (KTH, Receiver: SICS)

    Mazen Aly: "Automated Bid Adjustments in Search Engine Advertising" (KTH, Receiver: Precis Digital)

    Andrea Azzini: "Deep Learning Quantification: Extracting Quantitative Information from Images using Convolutional Autoencoders" (KTH)

    Henny Selig: "Continuous Event Log Extraction for Process Mining" (KTH, Receiver: Signavio, Berlin)

    Robert Velu: "BarcodeCheck: Retrieval of Product Information" (KTH, Receiver: SICS)

    Ali Merikh: "A Triplestore built on Document-Oriented Databases" (KTH, Receiver: SICS)

    Mikael Stoltz: "A Parrondo asset allocation strategy based on a discrete time microstructure model" (KTH, Receiver: SICS)

    Abdulah Kayal: "A Neural Networks Filtering Mechanism For Foreign Exchange Trading Signals" (KTH, Receiver: SICS)

    Stephanie Habib: "Web Caching in IPTV Portals" (KTH, Receiver: Ericsson)

    Anusharani Gopu: "Using non-medical risk factors related to dementia and cognitive decline for developing an evidencebased e-health tool" (KTH, Receiver: SICS)

    Khurram Shairyar Qalander: "Translating policy statements of Abu Dhabi health authorities into Business Rules" (KTH)

    Eric-Oluf Svee: "Time Geography and Structuration Theory as a Basis for Human-centered Microsimulation" (KTH, Receiver: SICS)

    Mathias Engvall: "The design of an order flow simulator to validate algorithmic trading strategies" (KTH, Receiver: OMX)

    Sharenya Krishnan: "Text-Based Information Retrieval Using Relevance Feedback" (KTH, Receiver: SICS)

    Jon Gretar Gudjonsson and Gary MacRitchie: "Strategy Adapting Trading Agent" (KTH, Receiver: SICS)

    Henrik Aronsson: "Modeling strategies using predictive analytics: Forecasting future sales and churn management" (KTH, Receiver: Attollo)

    Maryamossadat Nematollahi Mahani: "Resolving ambiguities in service robots' behavior" (KTH)

    Alexander Bea: "Re-engineering two financial trading invoicing systems into one integrated solution" (KTH, Receiver: Nordicstation)

    Somshree Mukherjee: "Ranking System for IoT Industry Platform" (KTH, Receiver: SICS)

    Baki Cakici: "Pickman's Machine: A Reasoning Architecture" (KTH, Receiver: SICS)

    Katarina Gyllenbäck: "Narrative bridging: A specification of a modelling method for game design" (KTH, Receiver: SICS)

    Nicolas Grasset: "Multi-agent microsimulations with time geography" (KTH, Receiver: SICS)

    Khandaker Tabin Hasan: "Metadata-rich Web development methodology" (KTH, Receiver: Univ of Trento)

    German Gonzalez: "Kinematic tracking and activity recognition using motion primitives" (KTH, Receiver: Brown Univ, NY)

    Ka Lok Chan: "Integration of browsing and searching for semantic information spaces" (KTH)

    Zinat Sultana: "Improving the Design Method of the Analysis Pipeline for Spatial Transcriptomics" (KTH, Receiver: SciLifeLab/KI)

    Robert Nilsson "Genetiska algoritmer och neurala nät tillämpade på aktiehandel" (KTH, Receiver: SICS)

    Asim Ghaffar: "Visualization of Epidemic Spread" (KTH, Receiver: SMI)

    Dimitrios Konstantinou and Sofia Savvidou "Benchmark för mobiltelefoner" (KTH, Receiver: SICS)

    Niklas Boström: "Implementing advanced business logic for stock trade agents" (SU, Receiver: SICS)

    Daniel Hilmersson: "SmartTrader: Implementing an Advanced Business Logic Agent for Agent Trade Servers" (Mid-Sweden University, Examiner: Prof Love Ekenberg, Receiver: SICS)

    Tobias Hasselrot: "Fair Bandwidth Allocation in Internet Access Gateways: Using Agent-Based Electronic Markets" (KTH, Receiver: SICS)

    Kristina Andréasson: "Modelling Infectious Disease Control" (SU, Receiver: SICS)

    Jesper Johansson and Michael Poijes: "Agent Shell for Stock Market Systems" (SU, Receiver: SICS)

    Jan Odelstad: "Artificial Agents and Norms" (SU)

    Peter Hultman: "A Risk-Averse TAC Agent" (KTH, Receiver: SICS)

    Wah-Sui Almberg: "Improved Pricing on the Stock Market with Trading Agents" (SU, Receiver: OM)

    Vincent Hauser and Joakim Orrhult: "Network Monitoring for Networking Agents" (SU, Receiver: SICS)

    Rikard Wigforss: "Artificial Intelligence for Real-Time Computer Games" (KTH, Receiver: Grin)

    Terese Lund: "Cell-phones and Context" (KTH, NADA, IPLab, Examiner: Anna Swartling, Receiver: SICS)

    Björn Qvarsell: "Programming SIM Cards for Mobile Services" (KTH, Receiver: Razorfish)

    Hilde Hasli and Jing Cheng: "Smart Downloading of Multimedia" (SU, Receiver: Ericsson Radio Systems)

    Jari Pyyluoma: "The origin of law - An Epistemological Artificial Societies Approach" (SU)

    Conny Loung: "Agent Behaviour in Groups" (KTH, Receiver: Ducere)

    Magnus Hübner: "Pagent - A Search Engine Interface for Mobile Terminals" (KTH, Receiver: Toshiba, Tokyo branch)

    Martin Kalén: "A JINI-Based Multi-Agent System" (KTH, Receiver: Spectral)

    Erik Welander: "Decision Analysis on the Internet - The DELTA/CGI Pronouncer" (SU)

    Sven-Erik Ceedigh: "Trading Agents" (SU)

    Göran Eneroth: "Smart Equipment" (KTH)

    Jannilla Lidén: "Agent Related Properties of Dutch and English Auctions" (SU)

    Christian Guttmann: "A Software Architecture for Four-Legged Robots" (KTH)

    David Lybäck: "Transient Diversity in Multi-Agent Systems" (KTH)

    Olle Källander: Behaviour-Based Bots in Quake2" (KTH)

    Håkan Younes: "Current Tools for Assisting Intelligent Agents in Real-Time Decision Making" (KTH)

    Marcus Hammarberg and Mats Bovin: "Decision Support for Software Agents" (SU, Receiver: Telia Research)

    Per Thorsson-Börd: "Adding Resource-Specific Information to Agents in a Multi-Agent System" (KTH, Receiver: Telia Research)

    Sebastian Wand: "Building a Monitor for a Multi-Agent System" (KTH, Receiver: Telia Research)

    Helena Åberg: "Agent Roles in RoboCup Teams" (KTH)

    Åsa Åhman: "Decision Control in RoboCup Teams" (KTH)

    Henrik Bergström: "Applications, Minimisation, and Visualisation of Finite State Machines" (SU)

    Henrik Engström and Johan Kummeneje: "DR ABBility: Agent Technology and Process Control" (SU, Receiver: ABB Network Partner)

    Daniel Ejderberg: "Creating a User Agent in a Distributed Information Retrieval Environment" (KTH, Receiver: Telia Research)

    Ioannis Tzikas: "Agents and Objects: The Differences" (SU)

    Lars Rasmusson: "Socially Controlled Global Agent Systems" (KTH, Receiver: SICS)

    Andreas Rasmusson: "Interactive Security Assistance for End-User Supervision of Untrusted Programs" (KTH, Receiver: SICS)

    Gabriel Fuchs: "On Diminishing the Gap Between Speed and Correctness in a Decision-Making System" (SU)


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