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Acting head of division for the Division of Clinical Chemsitry and the project manager for the Fp7 EU project HUMAN.

Research description

Part of the Lipo-Group Research Constellation LGRC.


Potential Role of Thyroid Receptor β Agonists in the Treatment of Hyperlipidemia
Jakobsson T, Vedin Ll, Parini P
Drugs 2017;77(15):1613-1621

The lipid droplet-associated protein perilipin 3 facilitates hepatitis C virus-driven hepatic steatosis
Ferguson D, Zhang J, Davis Ma, Helsley Rn, Vedin Ll, Lee Rg, et al
Journal of lipid research 2017;58(2):420-432

The emerging roles of liver X receptors and their ligands in cancer
Lin Cy, Vedin Ll, Steffensen Kr
Expert opinion on therapeutic targets 2016;20(1):61-71

Antiproliferative effects and mechanisms of liver X receptor ligands in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma cells
Candelaria Nr, Addanki S, Zheng J, Nguyen-vu T, Karaboga H, Dey P, et al
PloS one 2014;9(9):e106289-

Estrogen receptor ligands ameliorate fatty liver through a nonclassical estrogen receptor/Liver X receptor pathway in mice
Han Si, Komatsu Y, Murayama A, Steffensen Kr, Nakagawa Y, Nakajima Y, et al
Hepatology (Baltimore, Md.) 2014;59(5):1791-802

The oxysterol receptor LXRβ protects against DSS- and TNBS-induced colitis in mice
Jakobsson T, Vedin Ll, Hassan T, Venteclef N, Greco D, D'amato M, et al
Mucosal immunology 2014;7(6):1416-28

Liver X receptor agonist blocks pancreatic cancer cell proliferation.
Candelaria Nr, Manchem S, Vu Ht, Zheng Jn, Gabbi C, Dey P, et al
CANCER RESEARCH 2013;73(8):-

Liver x receptor ligands disrupt breast cancer cell proliferation through an E2F-mediated mechanism
Nguyen-vu T, Vedin Ll, Liu K, Jonsson P, Lin Jz, Candelaria Nr, et al

The oxysterol receptors LXRα and LXRβ suppress proliferation in the colon
Vedin Ll, Gustafsson JÅ, Steffensen Kr
Molecular carcinogenesis 2013;52(11):835-44

Knockdown of SF-1 and RNF31 Affects Components of Steroidogenesis, TGF beta, and Wnt/beta-catenin Signaling in Adrenocortical Carcinoma Cells
Ehrlund A, Jonsson P, Vedin Ll, Williams C, Gustafsson Ja, Treuter E
PLOS ONE 2012;7(3):e32080-

The oxysterol receptor LXR inhibits proliferation of human breast cancer cells
Vedin Ll, Lewandowski Sa, Parini P, Gustafsson Ja, Steffensen Kr
CARCINOGENESIS 2009;30(4):575-9

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