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2018-2017 Master's degree on "Biochemistry, molecular biology and biomedicine" by the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Master's thesis on molecular phsychiatry entitled "Defining a metabolomic signature for lithium response using a peripheral cell model of biopolar disorder", supervised by Carlos J. Villaescusa and Vincent Millischer, performed on Neurogenetics Unit in Karolinska Institutet.

2017-2013 Bachelor's degree on Biochemistry by the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Research description

The usage of human embryonic stem cells (hESCs) in regenerative medicine is limited by human leukocyte antigens (HLA) differences. hESCs are derived from donated embryos that have a mixture of HLA from their parental sources. Those are meant to be used for the general population, having thousands or different combinations on HLA. Both combinations, from hESC and patients, are most likely different from each other, therefore not matched. Using hESC-derived cells that has not been HLA-matched would cause rejection in a patient recipient and even a immune shock.

Our main aim is to provide an universal hESC cell line that woud not create rejection on any potential patient using gene editing techniques.

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