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About me

I am a Social Worker and have a Master in Psychology. My areas of interest include mental illness during the perinatal period and the implementation of perinatal psychology within Child Health Care. I also focus on the interaction between parent-child, as well as psychotherapy for future parents and new parents.

I am a Ph.D. student and my research project is ”Evaluation of a clinical project with psychodynamic supervision and treatment at Child Health Centers: A quantitative and qualitative study”.

Research description

The Swedish Inheritance Fund financed 2012-2016 a clinical project, where ten psychotherapists were located at Child Health Centers (CHC) in Stockholm. They supervised CHC-nurses and offered short psychodynamic therapies to parents with "baby worries". The term includes the parent's concern about the child’s function, the parent’s personal emotional problems a/o the interaction with the child.

I evaluate the project with both qualitative and quantitative methods to find out how childcare nurses detect and handle parents and children with emotional problems. I also investigate what is facilitating and hindering with a therapeutic function at the centers.

Responsible supervisors: Professor Eva Nissen and Associate professor Björn Salomonsson

Teaching portfolio

I am a teacher at the midwifery program and I teach parenthood, qualitative method, and motivational interviewing.


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