Jose G. Marchan-Álvarez

Jose G. Marchan-Álvarez

Phd Student
Visiting address: BioMedicum A4, Solnavägen 9, 17165 Solna
Postal address: K6 Kvinnors och barns hälsa, K6 Barnonkologi och Barnkirurgi Blomgren Newton, 171 77 Stockholm

About me

  • As a junior researcher at Phillip Newton's lab and Klas Blomgren's group, I am currently pursuing my PhD in medical sciences. Our aim is to tackle whether extracellular vesicles may function as a communication network in the growth plate and with distal organs, thereby contributing to expand our understanding on longitudinal bone growth.

    Academic honours, awards and prizes
    2022 - Novel Researcher Award (Ministry for Science and Technology - Venezuela) for talented and promising early-career scientists.
    2022 - Paola Carpi De Medina Award (IVIC) for having achieved an MSc in Immunology with academic excellence.


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