Hemantha Kumara Mallapura Chandrashekara

Hemantha Kumara Mallapura Chandrashekara

Phd Student
Visiting address: Tomtebodavägen 18A, plan 5, 17177 Stockholm
Postal address: K8 Klinisk neurovetenskap, 171 77 Stockholm

About me

  • In my current doctoral project, I have successfully developed radiosynthesis methods for radiotracers, such as [11C]flumazenil, L-[11C]deprenyl, [68Ga]DOTA-FAPI-46, [68Ga]DOTA-TOC, L-[11C]methionine, and [11C]choline, using the iMiDEV, microfluidic cassette-based automated radiosynthesizer. My work at the intersection of radiochemistry and advanced technology. It may act as an instrumental in advancing dose-on-demand radiopharmaceutical production.


  • With 14 years of experience in radiopharmaceuticals development and production, I've focused on radiolabeling and radiosynthesis of various tracers, including FDG, F-DOPA, F-Choline, FHBG, Clofarabine, PSMA, DOTA conjugated peptides, Ammonia, DOTA-TATE, FAPi analogs, Rituximab, methionine, mHED, and choline, using radionuclides such as 18F, 68Ga, 13N, 177Lu, 131I, and 11C.


  • My expertise extends to method development for quality control, data verification, and documentation, encompassing iTLC, TLC, GC, and HPLC methods. I possess in-depth knowledge of instrumentation and programming using iMiDEV, Fx C Pro, Mx tracer lab, Ora, and Perform synthesizer from PMB-Alcen, GE, Neptis, and Elixysis automated synthesizer. Documentation of routine cGMP clinical production and adherence to cGMP and GMP standards for developing new molecules, both for clinical and preclinical applications.


  • New radiotracer development, microfluidics in radiopharmaceutical production,  

  • and technological advancement in radiotracer production.

    #PET radionuclides #radiotracers #microfluidics #research #development #technology


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