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About me

I am a researcher with background in natural sciences and molecular biology. My driving force in research is curiosity, to gain new knowledge about the genetics behind diseases and, in the future, to improve health. During my PhD studies I gained knowledge in gene mapping for rare diseases using linkage analysis, sequencing and biochemistry.

Both environmental factors and genes together influence many disorders or traits. These complex phenotypes have been the focus in recent years.

Currently, I am actively involved in teaching as the course leader for the degree course in the international Master’s program in biomedicine at KI.

Research description

Genetic analysis of complex disorders and traits. Recently, I have expanded the use of high-throughput sequencing approaches as a tool for detecting polymorphisms and mutations in case-control cohorts and families. Focus areas include study design, next generation sequencing, association, bioinformatics and protein detection.

My research profile includes genetic analysis of congenital malformations, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and developmental dyslexia. 

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