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About me

I defended my PhD in 2009, from the group of Ernest Arenas at the Department of Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics, at Karolinska Institutet, where I investigated the role of Wnt signaling in brain development and basic developmental processes. I then did a post doc with Urban Lendahl at the department of Cell and Molecular Biology, also at KI. During my post doc I investigated the role of Notch signaling in development of the nervous system, in cancer and its basic signaling papthways. 

In addition, I carried out a “post doc within the post doc” and performed guest research at the Rockefeller University in the laboratories of Elaine Fuchs and Mary Beth Hatten, where I learned the technique of ultrasound-guided nano-injection and adpated it from targeting the skin to targeting many other organ systems. 

Research description

We study the genetic underpinnings of specific diseases; for example how genetic mutations translate into tubular structures forming incorrectly, compromise vascular integrity, or predispose to neural dysfunction. Within this, our lab has two main focuses: 
1. Notch signaling deregulation in Alagille syndrome, and Notch control of biliary and vascular development therein. 
2. Development of ultrasound-guided in utero nanoinjection as a powerful tool to manipulate gene expression in specific organs during development.

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