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About me

I am from Stockholm, Sweden and have always had a great interest in understanding mechanisms in the human being. Working with science felt like a natural choice for me.


Master of Science, with a major in Nutrition. 

I recieved my PhD degree in February 2016.

During the academic year of 2016/17 I have a post doc position abroad.

Research description

My primary focus is in prediabetes and diabetes in children and adolescents, where I investigate prevalence, causes and consequences.

I have been co-ordinating a large follow-up study - FOCUS - where we offeed childhood obesity patients a 10 year follow-up physiological examination. The FOCUS study is unique and will be able to answer many clinically important questions.

Further, I work with other epidemiological aspects and consequences of  obesity during childhood. By linking the national register for childhood obesity treatment ( with several of the Sweden’s national registers we will be able to look at early consequences of obesity.


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