Ellinor Nilsson

Ellinor Nilsson

Phd Student
Visiting address: Blickagången 16, 14152 Flemingsberg
Postal address: H7 Medicin, Huddinge, H7 BioNut Löf, 171 77 Stockholm

About me

  • I am a PhD candidate and nutritionist in the research group IMPACT [1], led
    by professor Marie Löf. Mainly, I work with investigating movement behaviors
    in preschool-aged children in Sweden.

    [1] https://ki.se/en/bionut/the-impact-research-group-marie-lof


  • I am mainly working with the International Study of Movement Behaviors in the
    Early Years (SUNRISE [1]), aiming to investigate physical activity, sedentary
    behavior (screen time) and sleep for children aged 3-5 years all over the
    world. Data collection for SUNRISE Sweden is currently ongoing in Stockholm
    and Linköping, where we assess movement behaviors (accelerometer and
    questionnaire), anthropometrics, motor skills, cognitive skills,
    cardiometabolic factors and fitness for children in Swedish preschools.
    [1] https://sunrise-study.com/


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