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About me

I received ny doctoral degree in speech language pathology 2009 from the Karolinska Institute, with the thesis Voice function and quality of life in laryngectomees. The PhD project included description of the voice in laryngectomees, using high-speed imaging and videofluoroscopy (radiological investigation) of the voice source, perceptual and acoustical analyses of voice and speech, and self-ratings from laryngectomees on voice handicap and quality of life.

I work as a speech-language pathologist at the Department of Speech Pathology, Karolinska University Hospital. Main clinical area is voice disorders, including disorders due to head and neck cancer. I am also a member of the executive of the Department of Speech Pathology.


Teaching interest

Lecturer on speech and voice, especially regarding head and neck cancer patients. Supervisor of master theses by speech language pathology students.

Research description

Research interest

The main interest in continuing research is investigations of the voice and speech function in persons treated for cancer in the head and neck area, e. g. tongue cancer, laryngeal cancer, and cancer in the tonsils. Side effects due to the oncological teratment vary between individuals, and they can be transient or prolonged.

The purpose of ongoing research studies is to improve rehabilitation of head and neck cancer patients and to increase the knowledge of changes in voice and speech in relation to the patients self-reported degree of handicap and their stated health-related quality of life.

The investigations will include patients with head and neck cancer as a whole, but comparisons between subgroups will also be made.

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