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About me

I graduated with a degree in epidemiology from Hampshire College in 2006, and then spent three years working in cystic fibrosis clinical research ay Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, MA, USA. I completed a Master's degree in International Health from Uppsala Univeristy in 2013, and began working at Karolinska Institutet in the Health Systems and Policy research group, at the Centre for Research on Healthcare in Disasters.


  • Bachelor's degree in epidemiology from Hampshire College, USA: 2006.
  • Master's degree in international health from Uppsala University, Sweden: 2013
  • PhD candidate, Karolinska Institutet (ongoing)

Research description

My research focuses on health systems resilience to extreme weather events. My PhD project aims to develop a model for preparing health service delivery for floods, by defining the effects of flooding on health and health service delivery and developing preparedness plans for healthcare facilities to mitigate the effects of flooding.

Teaching portfolio

I teach at the Master's level on health systems resilience, quantitative methods, public health in disasters, and systematic review methods.

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