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About me

I am a PhD student in Eric Herlenius's group and focus my research on the function and development of respiratory centers in the medulla oblongata. I came to the lab as a medical student in 2009 and started working with organotypic slice cultures which later on developed into the PhD project. At the same time as i graduated from the medical school in Linköping I registered as a PhD student at Karolinska Institutet in 2012 and have since then combined the research with clinical work. A part of the PhD studies is financed by Karolinska Institutet's Clincial Scientist Training Programme.


Medical Programme, Linköping University (2012)

Research description

In the research I mainly use organotypic slice cultures to study respiratory networks and how they develop and are affected by different factors such as inflammation, gas compositions and neuromodulators. Techniques applied for this are calcium time lapse imaging, optogenetics, immunohistochemistry and electrophysiology.

The main aims of  the PhD project are:

- To investigate the plasticity of brainstem neural circuits and their activity during early development and correlation with respiratory function and dysfunction.

To determine the mechanism behind apneas associated with infection in babies and adults.

Academic honours, awards and prizes

Karolinska Institutet's Clincial Scientist Training Programme (2012)

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