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Microfluidic hydrodynamic focusing for synthesis of nanomaterials
Lu Mq, Ozcelik A, Grigsby Cl, Zhao Yh, Guo F, Leong Kw, et al
NANO TODAY 2016;11(6):778-792

Shape-controlled synthesis of hybrid nanomaterials via three-dimensional hydrodynamic focusing
Lu M, Yang S, Ho Yp, Grigsby Cl, Leong Kw, Huang Tj
ACS nano 2014;8(10):10026-34

Three-dimensional hydrodynamic focusing method for polyplex synthesis
Lu M, Ho Yp, Grigsby Cl, Nawaz Aa, Leong Kw, Huang Tj
ACS nano 2014;8(1):332-9

Microfluidic preparation of polymer-nucleic acid nanocomplexes improves nonviral gene transfer
Grigsby Cl, Ho Yp, Lin C, Engbersen Jf, Leong Kw
Scientific reports 2013;3():3155-

Comparative study of nanoparticle-mediated transfection in different GI epithelium co-culture models
Loo Y, Grigsby Cl, Yamanaka Yj, Chellappan Mk, Jiang X, Mao Hq, et al
Journal of controlled release : official journal of the Controlled Release Society 2012;160(1):48-56

Nonviral direct conversion of primary mouse embryonic fibroblasts to neuronal cells
Adler Af, Grigsby Cl, Kulangara K, Wang H, Yasuda R, Leong Kw
Molecular therapy. Nucleic acids 2012;1():e32-

Understanding nonviral nucleic acid delivery with quantum dot-FRET nanosensors
Grigsby Cl, Ho Yp, Leong Kw
Nanomedicine (London, England) 2012;7(4):565-77

Cardiomyocyte-specific deletion of the vitamin D receptor gene results in cardiac hypertrophy
Chen S, Law Cs, Grigsby Cl, Olsen K, Hong Tt, Zhang Y, et al
Circulation 2011;124(17):1838-47

Tuning physical properties of nanocomplexes through microfluidics-assisted confinement
Ho Yp, Grigsby Cl, Zhao F, Leong Kw
Nano letters 2011;11(5):2178-82

A role for the cell cycle phosphatase Cdc25a in vitamin D-dependent inhibition of adult rat vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation
Chen S, Law Cs, Grigsby Cl, Olsen K, Gardner Dg
The Journal of steroid biochemistry and molecular biology 2010;122(5):326-32

Balancing protection and release of DNA: tools to address a bottleneck of non-viral gene delivery
Grigsby Cl, Leong Kw
Journal of the Royal Society, Interface 2010;7 Suppl 1():S67-82

Tonicity-dependent induction of Sgk1 expression has a potential role in dehydration-induced natriuresis in rodents
Chen S, Grigsby Cl, Law Cs, Ni X, Nekrep N, Olsen K, et al
The Journal of clinical investigation 2009;119(6):1647-58

Expression of the vitamin d receptor is increased in the hypertrophic heart
Chen S, Glenn Dj, Ni W, Grigsby Cl, Olsen K, Nishimoto M, et al
Hypertension (Dallas, Tex. : 1979) 2008;52(6):1106-12

Molecular biology of the natriuretic peptide system: implications for physiology and hypertension
Gardner Dg, Chen S, Glenn Dj, Grigsby Cl
Hypertension (Dallas, Tex. : 1979) 2007;49(3):419-26

Vitamin D activates type A natriuretic peptide receptor gene transcription in inner medullary collecting duct cells
Chen S, Olsen K, Grigsby C, Gardner Dg

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