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Christian Göritz's group.


Fibrotic scarring following lesions to the central nervous system
Dias Do, Göritz C
Matrix biology : journal of the International Society for Matrix Biology 2018;():-

Glutamate transporter Slc1a3 mediates inter-niche stem cell activation during skin growth
Reichenbach B, Classon J, Aida T, Tanaka K, Genander M, Göritz C
The EMBO journal 2018;37(9):-

Reducing Pericyte-Derived Scarring Promotes Recovery after Spinal Cord Injury
Dias Do, Kim H, Holl D, Werne Solnestam B, Lundeberg J, Carlén M, et al
Cell 2018;173(1):153-165.e22

A latent neurogenic program in astrocytes regulated by Notch signaling in the mouse
Magnusson Jp, Göritz C, Tatarishvili J, Dias Do, Smith Em, Lindvall O, et al
Science (New York, N.Y.) 2014;346(6206):237-41

A transcriptional mechanism integrating inputs from extracellular signals to activate hippocampal stem cells
Andersen J, Urbán N, Achimastou A, Ito A, Simic M, Ullom K, et al
Neuron 2014;83(5):1085-97

Resident neural stem cells restrict tissue damage and neuronal loss after spinal cord injury in mice
Sabelström H, Stenudd M, Réu P, Dias Do, Elfineh M, Zdunek S, et al
Science (New York, N.Y.) 2013;342(6158):637-40

Neural stem cells and neurogenesis in the adult
Göritz C, Frisén J
Cell stem cell 2012;10(6):657-9

A Pericyte Origin of Spinal Cord Scar Tissue
Goritz C, Dias Do, Tomilin N, Barbacid M, Shupliakov O, Frisen J
SCIENCE 2011;333(6039):238-42

In neurons, activity-dependent association of dendritically transported mRNA transcripts with the transacting factor CBF-A is mediated by A2RE/RTS elements
Raju Cs, Fukuda N, Lopez-iglesias C, Goritz C, Visa N, Percipalle P

EphB Signaling Controls Lineage Plasticity of Adult Neural Stem Cell Niche Cells
Nomura T, Goritz C, Catchpole T, Henkemeyer M, Frisen J
CELL STEM CELL 2010;7(6):730-43

Origin of New Glial Cells in Intact and Injured Adult Spinal Cord
Barnabe-heider F, Goritz C, Sabelstrom H, Takebayashi H, Pfrieger Fw, Meletis K, et al
CELL STEM CELL 2010;7(4):470-82

RBPJ kappa-Dependent Signaling Is Essential for Long-Term Maintenance of Neural Stem Cells in the Adult Hippocampus
Ehm O, Goritz C, Covic M, Schaffner I, Schwarz Tj, Karaca E, et al
JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE 2010;30(41):13794-807

Forebrain ependymal cells are Notch-dependent and generate neuroblasts and astrocytes after stroke
Carlen M, Meletis K, Goritz C, Darsalia V, Evergren E, Tanigaki K, et al
NATURE NEUROSCIENCE 2009;12(3):259-67

In cultured Oligodendrocytes the A/B-type hnRNP CBF-A accompanies MBP mRNA bound to mRNA trafficking sequences
Raju Cs, Goritz C, Nord Y, Hermanson O, Lopez-iglesias C, Visa N, et al

Glia-induced neuronal differentiation by transcriptional regulation
Goritz C, Thiebaut R, Tessier Lh, Nieweg K, Moehle C, Buard I, et al
GLIA 2007;55(11):1108-22

Transgenic mice for conditional gene manipulation in astroglial cells
Slezak M, Goritz C, Niemiec A, Frisen J, Chambon P, Metzger D, et al
GLIA 2007;55(15):1565-76

Multiple mechanisms mediate cholesterol-induced synaptogenesis in a CNS neuron
Goritz C, Mauch Dh, Pfrieger Fw

Role of glia-derived cholesterol in synaptogenesis: new revelations in the synapse-glia affair
Goritz C, Mauch Dh, Nagler K, Pfrieger Fw

CNS synaptogenesis promoted by glia-derived cholesterol
Mauch Dh, Nagler K, Schumacher S, Goritz C, Muller Ec, Otto A, et al
SCIENCE 2001;294(5545):1354-7

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