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About me

I am a research assistant in Zongli Zheng's group, focusing on analysing NGS data.


II-I BSc in Microbiology and Genetics, Univeristy of Sheffield (2006-09)

PhD in Bioscience, University of East Anglia (20110-14)

Research description

With the advances in next-generation sequencing technologies, we can now identify changes of organisms at multi-omics scale, high spatial-temporal resolution, and with large sample size. New experimental approaches such as single-cell sequencing not only bring about tremendous amount of data, but also unprecedented challenges to summarize and translate these data to meaningful information. I found working with these NGS datasets particularly exciting, especially on deciphering what the signals we picked up from the sequencing data mean in terms of cellular processes.  

I am currently working with Zongli Zheng to update and develop analytical pipelines for NGS data aiming to identify gene-editing targets of the CRISPR-Cas9 system on human cells with high precision and efficiency.

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