Annika Jouper

Annika Jouper

Visiting address: Akademiska stråket 1, hus J, 17164 Stockholm
Postal address: K2 Medicin, Solna, K2 Imm o alle Nilsson G, 171 77 Stockholm

About me

  • Hi! I’m the Administrator and coordinator for the Department of Immunology and Allergy -
    Solna. Am taking care of 9 research group leaders and about 60 doctoral students,
    Postdocs, students, and affiliated doctors.

    My duties in collaboration with KI Ekonomi / HR (Department of Medicine - K2):

  • projects, invoicing, IT invoices, requisitions.
    Staff matters
  • new employees, scholarship, expenses, sick leave, booking travel.
  • door access card for BioClinicum.
    IDAC administrator
  • resets KI password, recovery code to "app Microsoft authenticator".
    Web Administrator
  • Updates the homepage.
    ALF / the hospital
  • invoicing, EK-post, Logistic.
    Dissertations, booking rooms in BioClinicum and KI.

    Postal address: Annika Jouper / Research group Gunnar Nilsson/NKS
    BioClinicum J7: 30 Visionsgatan 4, 171 64 Solna.
    Visiting address: NKS BioClinicum / Plan 07 (J7:30) Akademiska stråket 1,
    171 64 Solna.

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