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Safety of fertility preservation in breast cancer patients in a register-based matched cohort study
Rodriguez-wallberg Ka, Eloranta S, Krawiec K, Lissmats A, Bergh J, Liljegren A
Breast cancer research and treatment 2018;167(3):761-769

Association of breast cancer risk in BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutation carriers with genetic variants showing differential allelic expression: identification of a modifier of breast cancer risk at locus 11q22.3
Hamdi Y, Soucy P, Kuchenbaeker Kb, Pastinen T, Droit A, Lemaçon A, et al
Breast cancer research and treatment 2017;161(1):117-134

Fine-Scale Mapping at 9p22.2 Identifies Candidate Causal Variants That Modify Ovarian Cancer Risk in BRCA1 and BRCA2 Mutation Carriers
Vigorito E, Kuchenbaecker Kb, Beesley J, Adlard J, Agnarsson Ba, Andrulis Il, et al
PloS one 2016;11(7):e0158801-

Identification of independent association signals and putative functional variants for breast cancer risk through fine-scale mapping of the 12p11 locus
Zeng C, Guo X, Long J, Kuchenbaecker Kb, Droit A, Michailidou K, et al
Breast cancer research : BCR 2016;18(1):64-

Risk of hospitalisation and death due to bone fractures after breast cancer: a registry-based cohort study
Colzani E, Clements M, Johansson Al, Liljegren A, He W, Brand J, et al
British journal of cancer 2016;115(11):1400-1407

Assessing associations between the AURKA-HMMR-TPX2-TUBG1 functional module and breast cancer risk in BRCA1/2 mutation carriers
Blanco I, Kuchenbaecker K, Cuadras D, Wang X, Barrowdale D, De Garibay Gr, et al
PloS one 2015;10(4):e0120020-

Identification of six new susceptibility loci for invasive epithelial ovarian cancer
Kuchenbaecker Kb, Ramus Sj, Tyrer J, Lee A, Shen Hc, Beesley J, et al
Nature genetics 2015;47(2):164-71

No difference in dose distribution in organs at risk in postmastectomy radiotherapy with or without breast implant reconstruction
Liljegren A, Unukovych D, Gagliardi G, Bjöhle J, Wickman M, Johansson H, et al
Radiation oncology (London, England) 2014;9():14-

Physical therapy after prophylactic mastectomy with breast reconstruction: a prospective randomized study
Unukovych D, Johansson H, Johansson E, Arver B, Liljegren A, Brandberg Y
Breast (Edinburgh, Scotland) 2014;23(4):357-63

Targeted Prostate Cancer Screening in BRCA1 and BRCA2 Mutation Carriers: Results from the Initial Screening Round of the IMPACT Study
Impact Collaborators, Bancroft Ek, Page Ec, Castro E, Lilja H, Vickers A, et al
EUROPEAN UROLOGY 2014;66(3):489-99

Time-dependent risk of developing distant metastasis in breast cancer patients according to treatment, age and tumour characteristics
Colzani E, Johansson Al, Liljegren A, Foukakis T, Clements M, Adolfsson J, et al
British journal of cancer 2014;110(5):1378-84

A nonsynonymous polymorphism in IRS1 modifies risk of developing breast and ovarian cancers in BRCA1 and ovarian cancer in BRCA2 mutation carriers
Ding Yc, Mcguffog L, Healey S, Friedman E, Laitman Y, Paluch-shimon S, et al
Cancer epidemiology, biomarkers & prevention : a publication of the American Association for Cancer Research, cosponsored by the American Society of Preventive Oncology 2012;21(8):1362-70

Association of PHB 1630 C>T and MTHFR 677 C>T polymorphisms with breast and ovarian cancer risk in BRCA1/2 mutation carriers: results from a multicenter study
Jakubowska A, Rozkrut D, Antoniou A, Hamann U, Scott Rj, Mcguffog L, et al
British journal of cancer 2012;106(12):2016-24

Breast reconstruction in patients with personal and family history of breast cancer undergoing contralateral prophylactic mastectomy, a 10-year experience
Unukovych D, Sandelin K, Wickman M, Arver B, Johansson H, Brandberg Y, et al
Acta oncologica (Stockholm, Sweden) 2012;51(7):934-41

Clinical and pharmacokinetic study of sunitinib and docetaxel in women with advanced breast cancer
Bergh J, Mariani G, Cardoso F, Liljegren A, Awada A, Viganò L, et al
Breast (Edinburgh, Scotland) 2012;21(4):507-13

Contralateral prophylactic mastectomy in breast cancer patients with a family history: a prospective 2-years follow-up study of health related quality of life, sexuality and body image
Unukovych D, Sandelin K, Liljegren A, Arver B, Wickman M, Johansson H, et al
European journal of cancer (Oxford, England : 1990) 2012;48(17):3150-6

Evaluation of the BOADICEA risk assessment model in women with a family history of breast cancer
Ståhlbom Ak, Johansson H, Liljegren A, Von Wachenfeldt A, Arver B
Familial cancer 2012;11(1):33-40

First-line treatment of advanced breast cancer with sunitinib in combination with docetaxel versus docetaxel alone: results of a prospective, randomized phase III study
Bergh J, Bondarenko Im, Lichinitser Mr, Liljegren A, Greil R, Voytko Nl, et al
Journal of clinical oncology : official journal of the American Society of Clinical Oncology 2012;30(9):921-9

Less correspondence between expectations before and cosmetic results after risk-reducing mastectomy in women who are mutation carriers: a prospective study
Brandberg Y, Arver B, Johansson H, Wickman M, Sandelin K, Liljegren A
European journal of surgical oncology : the journal of the European Society of Surgical Oncology and the British Association of Surgical Oncology 2012;38(1):38-43

Polyacrylamide gel injections for breast augmentation: management of complications in 106 patients, a multicenter study
Unukovych D, Khrapach V, Wickman M, Liljegren A, Mishalov V, Patlazhan G, et al
World journal of surgery 2012;36(4):695-701

Reducing vasomotor symptoms with acupuncture in breast cancer patients treated with adjuvant tamoxifen: a randomized controlled trial
Liljegren A, Gunnarsson P, Landgren Bm, Robéus N, Johansson H, Rotstein S
Breast cancer research and treatment 2012;135(3):791-8

Common Genetic Variation at BARD1 Is Not Associated with Breast Cancer Risk in BRCA1 or BRCA2 Mutation Carriers
Gemo Study Collaborators, Swe-brca, Spurdle Ab, Marquart L, Mcguffog L, Healey S, et al

Evaluation of the XRCC1 gene as a phenotypic modifier in BRCA1/2 mutation carriers. Results from the consortium of investigators of modifiers of BRCA1/BRCA2
Cimba, Kconfab, Swe-brca, Embrace, Hebon, Osorio A, et al
BRITISH JOURNAL OF CANCER 2011;104(8):1356-61

Prognosis of Patients With Breast Cancer: Causes of Death and Effects of Time Since Diagnosis, Age, and Tumor Characteristics
Colzani E, Liljegren A, Johansson Alv, Adolfsson J, Hellborg H, Hall Pfl, et al

Targeted prostate cancer screening in men with mutations in BRCA1 and BRCA2 detects aggressive prostate cancer: preliminary analysis of the results of the IMPACT study
Impact Study Collaborators, Mitra Av, Bancroft Ek, Barbachano Y, Page Ec, Foster Cs, et al
BJU INTERNATIONAL 2011;107(1):28-39

Association of the Variants CASP8 D302H and CASP10 V410I with Breast and Ovarian Cancer Risk in BRCA1 and BRCA2 Mutation Carriers
Consortium Investigators Modifiers, Hereditary Breast Ovarian Canc Grp, Sweden Swe-brca, Kathleen Cuningham Fdn Consortium, Epidemiological Study Familial Bre, Engel C, et al

Evidence for SMAD3 as a modifier of breast cancer risk in BRCA2 mutation carriers
Swe Brca, Embrace, Hebon, Gemo Study Collaborators, Walker Lc, Fredericksen Zs, et al

Early experience with sunitinib, combined with docetaxel, in patients with metastatic breast cancer
Liljegren A, Bergh J, Castany R
BREAST 2009;18(4):259-62

[Future care requires future ways of working]
Ahlberg A, Berner J, Ernestam S, Hallén K, Hägglund H, Liljegren A, et al
Lakartidningen 2009;106(12):871-

Human antimicrobial protein hCAP18/LL-37 promotes a metastatic phenotype in breast cancer
Weber G, Chamorro Ci, Granath F, Liljegren A, Zreika S, Saidak Z, et al

Prevalence of adenomas and hyperplastic polyps in mismatch repair mutation carriers among CAPP2 participants: Report by the Colorectal Adenoma/Carcinoma Prevention Programme 2
Liljegren A, Barker G, Elliott F, Bertario L, Bisgaard Ml, Eccles D, et al

Psychological reactions, quality of life, and body image after bilateral prophylactic mastectomy in women at high risk for breast cancer: A prospective 1-year follow-up study
Brandberg Y, Sandelin K, Erikson S, Jurell G, Liljegren A, Lindblom A, et al

Colorectal cancer as a complex disease: defining at-risk subjects in the general population - a preventive strategy
Lindblom A, Zhou Xl, Liu T, Liljegren A, Skoglund J, Djureinovic T, et al
Expert review of anticancer therapy 2004;4(3):377-85

Individuals with an increased risk of colorectal cancer: Perceived benefits and psychological aspects of surveillance by means of regular coloscopies
Liljegren A, Lindgren G, Brandberg Y, Rotstein S, Nilsson B, Hatschek T, et al

MSI test to distinguish between HNPCC and other predisposing syndromes - of value in tailored surveillance
Liljegren A, Olsson L, Lindblom A
DISEASE MARKERS 2004;20(4-5):259-67

Prevalence of adenomas and hyperplastic polyps in carriers of HNPCC (LYNCH Syndrome).
Capp2 Study Grp, Liljegren A, Barker G, Mathers J, Lindblom A, Nilsson B, et al

Prevalence and incidence of hyperplastic polyps and adenomas in familial colorectal cancer: correlation between the two types of colon polyps
Liljegren A, Lindblom A, Rotstein S, Nilsson B, Rubio C, Jaramillo E
GUT 2003;52(8):1140-7

Adenoma prevalence and cancer risk in familial non-polyposis colorectal cancer
Lindgren G, Liljegren A, Jaramillo E, Rubio C, Lindblom A
GUT 2002;50(2):228-34

Andenoma prevalence and cancer risk in familial non-polyposis colorectal cancer (vol 50, pg 228, 2002)
Lindgren G, Liljegren A, Jaramillo E, Rubio C, Lindblom A
GUT 2002;50(5):742-742

Tumour markers in malignancies
Lindblom A, Liljegren A
BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL 2000;320(7232):424-7

Tumour markers in malignancies - Reply
Lindblom A, Liljegren A
BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL 2000;321(7257):380-380

Tumour markers in malignancies (vol 320, pg 424, 2000)
Lindblom A, Liljegren A
BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL 2000;320(7238):867-867

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