Ali Razzak

Ali Razzak

System Developer
Visiting address: SciLifeLab, Tomtebodavägen 23A, 17121 Solna
Postal address: K7 Onkologi-Patologi, K7 Forskning Lehtiö, 171 77 Stockholm

About me

  • Graphic design is my passion.


  • I have worked as a Structural Bioinformatician over the past six years in New Zealand, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and most recently Sweden. I have held roles within industry and academia where my structural biology and bioinformatic expertise has been utilised towards a greater understanding of the molecular mechanisms of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis enzymes, globin family proteins, and Immunoglobins. These pursuits have demanded a proficiency in intuitively managing, analysing, and interpreting vast volumes of data to finely elucidate protein-protein or protein-ligand interactions through High Performance Computing. My prowess and passion in science lies in critically implementing a diverse range cutting edge bioinformatic and computational tools towards optimising therapeutic and biomedical outcomes. 

  • I am primarily involved in the development and growth of the Molecular Tumor Board Portal within the Lehtio Lab, a clinical decision support system employed to enable clinicians to offer precise and informed treatments to cancer patients. My role entails the front end development, enhancement of bioinformatic analysis, fostering collaborative relationships with scientific institutions, leveraging cutting edge science within a multiomics cancer science context, and ultimately facilitating the Molecular Tumour Board Portal be its best self.

    Alongside my involvement in the Molecular Board Portal I enthusiastically seek opportunities within the group where my relatively unconventional skillset may be advantageous. Finally, my scientific pursuits are well complemented by my relatively complex bag of tricks I've accumulated through freelance projects over the course of my career.


  • Article: NATURE CANCER. 2022;3(2):251-261
    Tamborero D; Dienstmann R; Rachid MH; Boekel J; Lopez-Fernandez A; Jonsson M; Razzak A; Braña I; De Petris L; Yachnin J; Baird RD; Loriot Y; Massard C; Martin-Romano P; Opdam F; Schlenk RF; Vernieri C; Masucci M; Villalobos X; Chavarria E; Cancer Core Europe consortium; Balmaña J; Apolone G; Caldas C; Bergh J; Ernberg I; Fröhling S; Garralda E; Karlsson C; Tabernero J; Voest E; Rodon J; Lehtiö J

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