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Human Immunodeficiency Virus-Infected Women Have High Numbers of CD103-CD8+ T Cells Residing Close to the Basal Membrane of the Ectocervical Epithelium
Gibbs A, Buggert M, Edfeldt G, Ranefall P, Introini A, Cheuk S, et al
The Journal of infectious diseases 2018;218(3):453-465

Limited immune surveillance in lymphoid tissue by cytolytic CD4+ T cells during health and HIV disease
Buggert M, Nguyen S, Mclane Lm, Steblyanko M, Anikeeva N, Paquin-proulx D, et al
PLoS pathogens 2018;14(4):e1006973-

Combined immunodeficiency and Epstein-Barr virus-induced B cell malignancy in humans with inherited CD70 deficiency
Abolhassani H, Edwards Esj, Ikinciogullari A, Jing He, Borte S, Buggert M, et al

Genetic footprints of T cell exhaustion
Buggert M, Tauriainen J, Karlsson Ac

Perturbed CD8+ T cell TIGIT/CD226/PVR axis despite early initiation of antiretroviral treatment in HIV infected individuals
Tauriainen J, Scharf L, Frederiksen J, Naji A, Ljunggren Hg, Sönnerborg A, et al
Scientific reports 2017;7():40354-

CD4+ T cells with an activated and exhausted phenotype distinguish immunodeficiency during aviremic HIV-2 infection
Swegub Core Group, Buggert M, Frederiksen J, Lund O, Betts Mr, Biague A, et al
AIDS (London, England) 2016;30(16):2415-2426

Elevated levels of invariant natural killer T-cell and natural killer cell activation correlate with disease progression in HIV-1 and HIV-2 infections
Swegub Core Group, Bächle Sm, Malone Df, Buggert M, Karlsson Ac, Isberg Pe, et al
AIDS (London, England) 2016;30(11):1713-22

Multidimensional Clusters of CD4+ T Cell Dysfunction Are Primarily Associated with the CD4/CD8 Ratio in Chronic HIV Infection
Frederiksen J, Buggert M, Noyan K, Nowak P, Sönnerborg A, Lund O, et al
PloS one 2015;10(9):e0137635-

Single-Cell Characterization of in vitro Migration and Interaction Dynamics of T Cells Expanded with IL-2 and IL-7
Tauriainen J, Gustafsson K, Göthlin M, Gertow J, Buggert M, Frisk Tw, et al
Frontiers in immunology 2015;6():196-

Virologic and immunologic failure, drug resistance and mortality during the first 24 months postpartum among HIV-infected women initiated on antiretroviral therapy for life in the Mitra plus Study, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Ngarina M, Kilewo C, Karlsson K, Aboud S, Karlsson A, Marrone G, et al
BMC infectious diseases 2015;15():175-

Baseline CD4+ T cell counts correlates with HIV-1 synonymous rate in HLA-B*5701 subjects with different risk of disease progression
Norström Mm, Veras Nm, Huang W, Proper Mc, Cook J, Hartogensis W, et al
PLoS computational biology 2014;10(9):e1003830-

Functional avidity and IL-2/perforin production is linked to the emergence of mutations within HLA-B*5701-restricted epitopes and HIV-1 disease progression
Buggert M, Norström Mm, Salemi M, Hecht Fm, Karlsson Ac
Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950) 2014;192(10):4685-96

Multiparametric bioinformatics distinguish the CD4/CD8 ratio as a suitable laboratory predictor of combined T cell pathogenesis in HIV infection
Buggert M, Frederiksen J, Noyan K, Svärd J, Barqasho B, Sönnerborg A, et al
Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950) 2014;192(5):2099-108

NetFCM: A Semi-Automated Web-Based Method for Flow Cytometry Data Analysis
Frederiksen J, Buggert M, Karlsson Ac, Lund O
CYTOMETRY PART A 2014;85A(11):969-77

Newly Exerted T Cell Pressures on Mutated Epitopes following Transmission Help Maintain Consensus HIV-1 Sequences
Eriksson Em, Liegler T, Keh Ce, Karlsson Ac, Holditch Sj, Pilcher Cd, et al
PloS one 2014;10(4):e0120787-

T-bet and Eomes are differentially linked to the exhausted phenotype of CD8+ T cells in HIV infection
Buggert M, Tauriainen J, Yamamoto T, Frederiksen J, Ivarsson Ma, Michaëlsson J, et al
PLoS pathogens 2014;10(7):e1004251-

Targeting of conserved gag-epitopes in early HIV infection is associated with lower plasma viral load and slower CD4(+) T cell depletion
Perez Cl, Milush Jm, Buggert M, Eriksson Em, Larsen Mv, Liegler T, et al
AIDS research and human retroviruses 2013;29(3):602-12

Characterization of HIV-specific CD4+ T cell responses against peptides selected with broad population and pathogen coverage
Buggert M, Norström Mm, Czarnecki C, Tupin E, Luo M, Gyllensten K, et al
PloS one 2012;7(7):e39874-

Combination of immune and viral factors distinguishes low-risk versus high-risk HIV-1 disease progression in HLA-B*5701 subjects
Norström Mm, Buggert M, Tauriainen J, Hartogensis W, Prosperi Mc, Wallet Ma, et al
Journal of virology 2012;86(18):9802-16

Identification of Conserved Subdominant HIV Type 1 CD8(+) T Cell Epitopes Restricted Within Common HLA Supertypes for Therapeutic HIV Type 1 Vaccines
Karlsson I, Kloverpris H, Jensen Kj, Stryhn A, Buus S, Karlsson A, et al

Identification of Conserved Subdominant HIV Type 1 CD8(+) T Cell Epitopes Restricted Within Common HLA Supertypes for Therapeutic HIV Type 1 Vaccines
Karlsson I, Kloverpris H, Jensen Kj, Stryhn A, Buus S, Karlsson A, et al

Low prevalence of transmitted drug resistance in patients newly diagnosed with HIV-1 infection in Sweden 2003-2010
Karlsson A, Björkman P, Bratt G, Ekvall H, Gisslén M, Sönnerborg A, et al
PloS one 2012;7(3):e33484-

PhyloTempo: A Set of R Scripts for Assessing and Visualizing Temporal Clustering in Genealogies Inferred from Serially Sampled Viral Sequences
Norström Mm, Prosperi Mc, Gray Rr, Karlsson Ac, Salemi M
Evolutionary bioinformatics online 2012;8():261-9

Towards a new paradigm linking virus molecular evolution and pathogenesis: experimental design and phylodynamic inference
Norström Mm, Karlsson Ac, Salemi M
The new microbiologica 2012;35(2):101-11

Short Communication: High Prevalence of Drug Resistance in HIV Type 1-Infected Children Born in Honduras and Belize 2001 to 2004
Parham L, De Rivera Il, Murillo W, Naver L, Largaespada N, Albert J, et al

Identification of HLA-DPA1*020107 in an individual of Ugandan descent
Czarnecki C, Luo M, Brunham R, Broliden K, Karlsson Ac, Plummer Fa
HUMAN IMMUNOLOGY 2010;71(7):733-5

Induction of systemic HIV-1-specific cellular immune responses by oral exposure in the uninfected partner of discordant couples
Perez Cl, Hasselrot K, Bratt G, Broliden K, Karlsson Ac
AIDS 2010;24(7):969-74

Interdisciplinary Analysis of HIV-Specific CD8(+) T Cell Responses against Variant Epitopes Reveals Restricted TCR Promiscuity
Hoof I, Perez Cl, Buggert M, Gustafsson Rkl, Nielsen M, Lund O, et al
JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY 2010;184(9):5383-91

Prevalence of drug resistance and importance of viral load measurements in Honduran HIV-infected patients failing antiretroviral treatment
Murillo W, De Rivera Il, Parham L, Jovel E, Palou E, Karlsson Ac, et al
HIV MEDICINE 2010;11(2):95-103

Rapid Progressing Allele HLA-B35 Px Restricted Anti-HIV-1 CD8+T Cells Recognize Vestigial CTL Epitopes
Willberg Cb, Garrison Ke, Jones Rb, Meiklejohn Dj, Spotts G, Liegler Tj, et al
PLOS ONE 2010;5(4):e10249-

Induction of systemic HIV-1 specific cellular immune responses by oral exposure in exposed uninfected partner of discordant couples
Perez C, Hasselrot K, Broliden K, Karlsson A

Reduction of the HIV-1 reservoir in resting CD4+ T-lymphocytes by high dosage intravenous immunoglobulin treatment: a proof-of-concept study
Lindkvist A, Edén A, Norström Mm, Gonzalez Vd, Nilsson S, Svennerholm B, et al
AIDS research and therapy 2009;6():15-

Broadly immunogenic HLA class I supertype-restricted elite CTL epitopes recognized in a diverse population infected with different HIV-1 subtypes
Perez Cl, Larsen Mv, Gustafsson R, Norstrom Mm, Atlas A, Nixon Df, et al
JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY 2008;180(7):5092-100

Antiretroviral drug therapy alters the profile of human immunodeficiency virus type 1-specific T-cell responses and shifts the immunodominant cytotoxic T-lymphocyte response from gag to pol
Karlsson Ac, Chapman Jm, Heiken Bd, Hoh R, Kallas Eg, Martin Jn, et al
JOURNAL OF VIROLOGY 2007;81(20):11543-8

Sequential Broadening of CTL Responses in Early HIV-1 Infection Is Associated with Viral Escape
Karlsson Ac, Iversen Akn, Chapman Jm, De Oliveira T, Spotts G, Mcmichael Aj, et al
PLOS ONE 2007;2(2):e225-

CD8 T cell effector maturation in HIV-1-infected children
Jordan Ka, Furlan Sn, Gonzalez Vd, Karlsson Ac, Quigley Mf, Deeks Sg, et al
VIROLOGY 2006;347(1):117-26

Seroreversion in subjects receiving antiretroviral therapy during acute/early HIV infection
Hare Cb, Pappalardo Bl, Busch Mp, Karlsson Ac, Phelps Bh, Alexander Ss, et al

Multidrug-resistant, dual-tropic HIV-1 and rapid progression
Nixon Df, Deeks Sg, Shacklett Bl, Karlsson Ac
LANCET 2005;365(9475):1924-5

ELISPOT cell rescue
Meiklejohn Da, Karlsson Rk, Karlsson Ac, Chapman Jm, Nixon Df, Schweighardt B

Immunologic and virologic evolution during periods of intermittent and persistent low-level viremia
Karlsson Ac, Younger Sr, Martin Jn, Grossman Z, Sinclair E, Hunt Pw, et al
AIDS 2004;18(7):981-9

Comparison of the ELISPOT and cytokine flow cytometry assays for the enumeration of antigen-specific T cells
Karlsson Ac, Martin Jn, Younger Sr, Bredt Bm, Epling L, Ronquillo R, et al

Dual pressure from antiretroviral therapy and cell-mediated immune response on the human immunodeficiency virus type 1 protease gene
Karlsson Ac, Deeks Sg, Barbour Jd, Heiken Bd, Younger Sr, Hoh R, et al
JOURNAL OF VIROLOGY 2003;77(12):6743-52

The selection and evolution of viral quasispecies in HIV-1 infected children
Nowak P, Karlsson Ac, Naver L, Bohlin Ab, Piasek A, Sönnerborg A
HIV medicine 2002;3(1):1-11

Initiation of therapy during primary HIV type 1 infection results in a continuous decay of proviral DNA and a highly restricted viral evolution
Karlsson Ac, Birk M, Lindback S, Gaines H, Mittler Je, Sonnerborg A

Recent origin of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 variants in resting CD4(+) T lymphocytes in untreated and suboptimally treated subjects
Karlsson Ac, Lindkvist A, Lindback S, Gaines H, Sonnerborg A

Diagnosis of primary HIV-1 infection and duration of follow-up after HIV exposure
Karolinska Inst Primary Hiv Infect, Lindback S, Thorstensson R, Karlsson Ac, Von Sydow M, Flamholc L, et al
AIDS 2000;14(15):2333-9

Viral dynamics in primary HIV-1 infection
Karolinska Institutet Primary Hiv, Lindback S, Karlsson Ac, Mittler J, Blaxhult A, Carlsson M, et al
AIDS 2000;14(15):2283-91

Reappearance of founder virus sequence in human immunodeficiency virus type 1-infected patients
Karlsson Ac, Gaines H, Sallberg M, Lindback S, Sonnerborg A
JOURNAL OF VIROLOGY 1999;73(7):6191-6

Characterization of the viral population during primary HIV-1 infection
Karlsson Ac, Lindback S, Gaines H, Sonnerborg A
AIDS 1998;12(8):839-47

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