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About me

I currently work with in vivo imaging, diagnostic, and drug development. My focus is mainly lung cancer where I study the effects of radiation therapy as well as ephrin signaling.


M.Sc. in Biomedicene - 2010

PhD in Neuroscience - 2015


Research description

Master thesis: Key decision makers – characterization and analysis of their attitudes toward the authorization process and market of biosimilars in Sweden and Denmark

PhD thesis: Experimental magnetic resonance imaging modalities as tools to evaluate brain function, structure and networks : exercise and cocaine induced adaptations 

Melphalan-flufenamide is cytotoxic and potentiates treatment with chemotherapy and the Src inhibitor dasatinib in urothelial carcinoma.
Viktorsson K, Shah C, Juntti T, Hååg P, Zielinska-Chomej K, Sierakowiak A, et al
Mol Oncol 2016 05;10(5):719-34

Orexin-corticotropin-releasing factor receptor heteromers in the ventral tegmental area as targets for cocaine.
Navarro G, Quiroz C, Moreno-Delgado D, Sierakowiak A, McDowell K, Moreno E, et al
J. Neurosci. 2015 Apr;35(17):6639-53

Default mode network, motor network, dorsal and ventral basal ganglia networks in the rat brain: comparison to human networks using resting state-fMRI.
Sierakowiak A, Monnot C, Aski S, Uppman M, Li T, Damberg P, et al
PLoS ONE 2015 ;10(3):e0120345

Hippocampal morphology in a rat model of depression: the effects of physical activity.
Sierakowiak A, Mattsson A, Gómez-Galán M, Feminía T, Graae L, Aski S, et al
Open Neuroimag J 2014 ;9():1-6

MRI evidence of endolymphatic impermeability to the gadolinium molecule in the in vivo mouse inner ear at 9.4 tesla.
Counter S, Nikkhou S, Brené S, Damberg P, Sierakowiak A, Klason T, et al
Open Neuroimag J 2013 ;7():27-31