Certain minor projects are also running in parallel, and are typically related to some extent to the major projects. Epidemiological studies using the Swedish forensic pathology database and forensic toxicology database are carried out, aiming at improving diagnostics in forensic medicine casework, but also to provide other agencies with certain results that may have impact on their work and responsibilities. One important issue is the surveillance of drug-related deaths, for which we have developed a three-step protocol for rapid evaluation and reporting. We believe this is an important asset to the monitoring of the drug abuse situation, given the alarming increase in opioid toxicity deaths in recent years. Experimental studies include characterization of patterns of postmortem changes in normal tissues and in tissues with certain pathologies using both histochemical and immunohistochemistry protocols. Finally, a large project regarding diagnosis of infections in deceased subjects, still at the planning stage, will tentatively be launched during 2019. This will include development of methods to identify infections that otherwise may go undetected by conventional postmortem examinations.